Just Another Sunny Afternoon: Medha Easwar Illustrates Summer Memories

Just Another Sunny Afternoon: Medha Easwar Illustrates Summer Memories
Medha L Easwar

Memories are rather amusing –– a moment in time captured in our minds, giving it the title of immortality. Almost like an attempt at trying to keep an event with us forever, memories hold the capacity to simply rest in our minds for us to cherish forever or inspire bigger ideas.

25-year-old artist Medha L Easwar follows the latter. Translating memories into wondrous pieces of art, she produces not only a joyous little treat to look at, but manages to bring about a sense of relatability. ‘Summer Afternoons’ shows a couple of women sipping on coconut water on a hot day –– something we have all witnessed, and something that reminds us of a time when we surely came across a similar scene.

Medha says, “This particular artwork is inspired by memories long gone. I remember driving by a street stall and watching two women dressed in their summer best, sipping on coconut water and laughing about things only they’d find funny. A simple, tiny moment. In a pre-pandemic world, this memory would not have had such a lasting impression on me. But today, as I stay in and try to remain grateful for the little things, this memory seems like a luxury. Of a summer that could have been. A constant lesson for us to slow down and look up.”

Her sheer love for art and creation leads to these pieces that shine with comfort and positivity. Her purpose behind it is possibly what causes it to be so.

“I create because I love it. I don’t think there is a deep purpose. it’s as simple as me wanting to express what I feel or what I want to show people. And hopefully they find a bit of themselves in my art,” she says.

Reminding us of a pre-pandemic, usual, seemingly boring day, Medha’s art convinces us to believe we will return to that –– how else does one push themselves through this?

Find Medha here.

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