Koy Store’s Modern Design Ethos Combines Tradition & Technology

Koy Store’s Modern Design Ethos Combines Tradition & Technology

Design is an inherent aspect of any creative product that occupies space and holds attention. As designers and studios look toward personalizing their design language by adding cultural, historical, and contextual influences, now is as fertile of a time as any to discover more Indian design studios.

Just like architecture and interior design, furniture design has seen an ongoing evolution as innovative structures and new materials aim to open up experiential design to a broader audience. Emulating the ideology of progressive design, The KOY Store specializes in bringing the spirit of Indian aesthetics into 21st-century design.

Koy Store furniture

A contemporary Indian home and lifestyle brand, KOY is the brainchild of Kunaal Kyhaan, a trained architect and interior designer. Through the label, Kyhaan presents “a family of handcrafted design of furniture, rugs, and art objects in carefully selected vibrant marbles, iridescent metals, moulded fibreglass, raw wood, and handcrafted textiles all made or sourced in India.’

Combining tradition and technology, the label’s bespoke designs merge interesting storytelling with modern Indian design to provide an assortment of artsy pieces forming a visually sleek yet delicate mirage.

The founder travels across the length and breadth of the country to source rare stones and materials that chalk up to a mini storyboard for each season. Customizable pieces that aesthetically augment any studio space or house décor and unique materiality drive the label’s design philosophy. The founder’s inclination towards artistic pursuits culminated at an early age. Growing up with an interior designer mother and artistic grandmother, Kyhaan’s leisure activities included art classes at the mere age of six.

Transforming his passion for design into a vocation, the Parsons alumnus credits the architecture lessons that helped him discover the space of interior and spatial design. His architecture phase slowly diversified into experimentation within the realm of interior design, giving birth to KOY, a platform that would allow buyers to pick and engage with contemporary art and décor pieces.

Inspired by the rich culture and idiosyncratic heritage of Indian craftsmanship, the brand showcases a playful reimagination of houseware soaked in cultural contexts and eclectic designs. Pollock inspired colour strokes, Parisian elements and handpainted illustrations hit a sweet spot by mixing sustainable materials and cutting edge innovation in the sphere of design. Stand out pieces like terracotta furniture, croissant armchairs, granite tables, and unique houseware pieces are signature KOY pieces appealing to a growing art-inspired market base.

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