Lahore's 'Women Only' Pink Rickshaw Service Has The Right Idea

Lahore's 'Women Only' Pink Rickshaw Service Has The Right Idea

"If you want a thing done well, do it yourself."

“This is another step towards women's financial and professional empowerment,” Aslam told Reuters, showing off her first rickshaw. “I and my co-workers face harassment by male auto drivers or by passersby while waiting for public transport.” 

President of Pakistan's non-profit Environment Protection Fund Zar Aslam is currently on the lookout for sponsors for the rickshaw service, an initiative born out of a personal desire to affect change after a harrowing incident as a student when she barely escaped being kidnapped by a rickshaw driver.

Incidents like these are horrifyingly commonplace amongst women in the city and Zar Aslam's endeavour is especially commendable because it recognises the need of the hour, undaunted despite the complete lack of assistance from the government.

“One auto costs 300,000 rupees (about $3,000), therefore it cannot be done without sponsorship from donors,”

“We will lease out the autos to deserving females on easy instalment. We will teach them driving and will also help them get the driving license.”


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