Lilith: A Photoseries Capturing The Power And Divine Femininity Of Women

Lilith: A Photoseries Capturing The Power And Divine Femininity Of Women
Linda Blacker

The modern feminist movement draws a lot from our ancient histories, and we are often unaware of it. One of these overlooked figures is Lilith. Considered to be Adam’s first wife, she was bold and set in her ways about the imbalanced power dynamics of the world. She represented the belief that a woman’s life is beyond the grasp of society and that she makes her own decisions –– equality, strength, and independence laid at the centre of her ethos.

Image Courtesy: Linda Blacker

Photographer Linda Blacker with model Sheerah as her muse created an ethereal photoseries capturing all that Lilith stood for. As feminine power radiates from this series, we are able to feel a certain sense of women’s identity and all its aspects. Having been reduced to our bodies as objects, with our purpose diminished to simply ‘tending’ to men and our perception unchanged from ‘inferior’, this regal and robust series embodies Lilith and portrays it in the rawest and most wonderful manner.

The female form in the most natural manner lends all its beauty to the series. Assertion of her power and might comes across clearly, and Sheerah and Linda’s collaborative magic comes through beautifully. The golds and the reds make for a striking composition and the impact is clear as we first lay our eyes on it.

Image Courtesy: Linda Blacker

Lilith, both the ancient feminist figure and the photoseries are perfect representations of equality through our own power, the abilities of our bodies, and the vastness of our intelligence, abilities, and strength.

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Find Sheerah here.

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