Maitri Dore's Illustrations Compel You To Reflect Upon Issues Facing Modern Indian Society

Maitri Dore's Illustrations Compel You To Reflect Upon Issues Facing Modern Indian Society

Uneven contours matched with crayoned hues, 27-year-old Maitri Dore’s illustrations almost seem like innocent drawings from a child’s book. The issues they poignantly depict are, however, gravely serious and continue to plague our society in this contemporary era.
Mumbai-based Maitri Dore, better known as ‘doremai’ to her tumblr followers, graduated as an architect. Even during her college days, Maitri preferred personalised hand-drawn submissions over the ones using computer software. She moved to Bengaluru for a job and later decided to formalise her childhood hobby of illustrations by contributing to numerous magazines and online portals. “The child-like style comes naturally to me,” says Maitri, commenting on her unique drawings. Her work traverses diverse societal subjects, driven by a common thread – each one of them evokes a strong, compelling message.
From LGBT Rights to environmental issues that plague India to politics and more, Dore’s child-like style enfolds layers of meaning even while still being friendly enough to encourage deeper viewing. Here are a few of our favourites, segregated as per category.

A. LGBT Rights

Upholding LGBT rights, the illustrations that touch the notions of gender and sexuality are born out of sheer interest, as it’s a matter Maitri feels strongly about. Queer interest magazines such as Gaysi and Gaylaxy have published her work in the past, which were well talked about by websites like ScoopWhoop and The News Minute.
Here are Maitri’s illustrations that best portray the issues facing homosexuals in India.

1. Penilised

Winner, Cartoon/Caricature Category in ‘Pictures against Prejudice’ Contest 2015, themed ‘Love, Law, Loss’

2. The Fist

Winner, Cartoon/Caricature Category in ‘Pictures against Prejudice’ Contest 2014, themed ‘In And Out Of The Closet’

3. Sita Chooses

Originally published in Volume 3 of  The Gaysi Zine, 2015

4. The Book Covers That Never Were

Originally published in Gaylaxy Magazine, 2015

B. Environmental Issues

Maitri’s work also delves into the concerns that surround the environment. These illustrations predominantly seek inspiration from her stint at Biome Environmental Solutions, where she was involved in water management projects and building sustainable structures out of mud.
Here are some of her best illustrations portraying such issues. 

1. The Cycle of Sustainability

Originally published in Akshay Urja – a magazine by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Resources, 2014

2. World Toilet Day

C. Current Affairs & Politics

“I keep up with all the current issues,” says Maitri who also illustrates for the web platform, Youth Ki Awaaz. We laud Maitri’s wit through these brilliant representations of India’s latest developments.

1. Jayalalitha Acquitted

(Originally published on Youth Ki Awaaz, 2015)

2. Salman Khan Hit-And-Run Case: Passing The ‘Buck’ Mr. Khan?

Originally published on Youth Ki Awaaz, 2015

3. Marital Rapes In India

Originally published in part on Youth Ki Awaaz, 2015

4. Revolutionising 2015: A table-top calendar

Originally published in Print Plus’s calendar, 2015

 “These illustrations are part of a set of twelve, made for the printing company Print Plus’s 2015 calendar. Its theme is social movements in India by individuals or collectives that have, through various forms of protest taken up cudgels against the injustices of regimes and rulings.”

5. Guysexual Vol. IX: How To Feed A Part-Time Actor

Maitri’s drawings were featured in Chennai-based children magazine ‘Gokulam’ and She also illustrates for Homegrown’s weekly column –‘Guysexual’, where the narrator, in his signature quirky approach, talks about his gay dating escapades in the city of Mumbai.

Originally published on Homegrown, 2015

You can stay updated with Maitri Dore’s work on her blog, Facebook and Twitter.

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