Moothon Is A Malayalam - Hindi Movie That Poignantly Captures Life’s Extremes

Moothon Is A Malayalam - Hindi Movie That Poignantly Captures Life’s Extremes

If you consider life as a tapestry that captures all the good memories and the dark times, the patterns rooted in difficulties are often the most stunning. The recently released bilingual movie called ‘Moothon’ directed by Geetu Mohandas and featuring Anurag Kashyap as one of the producers, show how the darkest stories can often be the most beautiful. With gut-wrenching realities and dreamlike moments, this movie is an emotional roller coaster. The slow brewed concoction of vivid story line, brilliant acting, thoughtful dialogues and amazing cinematography premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in October to critical acclaim.

Taking her time to create movies that realize her visions, Geetu Mohandas is an Indian film actress and director of repute. Six years after her debut film Liar’s Dice was released, she released Moothon which is categorized as an action thriller. With a varied cast from both Mollywood and Bollywood, some of whom could call this the best role of their life, the movie is an artistic marvel. It features Nivin Pauly, one of Kerala’s favorite leading actors along with with Roshan Mathews who has shown his mettle through select movies and theater productions as well as a number of the best actors, the state has to offer. Shashank Arora and Sobhita Dhulipala, who are both talented character actors who have recently been in the limelight for their performance in the Amazon Original called Made in Heaven, are among the Hindi leads in the movie.

While the Nivin Pauly had become one of the leading actors in Malayalam movies for his portrayal of boy next door roles, the Bhai in Moothon could be considered a breakout role for him. The menace in Nivin Pauly’s eyes is just as terrifying at the thunder that crashes across the skies of Mumbai in the monsoon. It was evident that the actor in Nivin Pauly was stretched to his limits while playing the world-weary character in the movie and his talent shines through. In a single movie, he has expressed extreme emotions that range from the most tenderness that he has ever shown on the screen to the most intimidating recklessness.

The standout star, however, would have to be the 14-year-old protagonist of the story and the actor who played the role. Without giving away too much of the plot, the movie depicts the teenager leaving his home in Lakshadweep looking for the elder brother who left the island years ago and ends up in the seedy underbelly of Mumbai. Through the movie, he tries to all that he can to remain afloat in a world waiting to subsume the weak. From the gruff guardian trying to do all that he can to protect the teenager from a world of harsh truth to the sleazy peddler who will do anything to make his way through life, the movie shows the human condition and how the weight of the world can break people.

While the basic premise might sound grim, Moothon is also a movie that captures the vulnerabilities of all the characters beyond gender and age. It shows the lengths that people go to, to live a better life, even if there is only little fight left in them. It shows unlikely friendships, people helping another to live a life better than their own and most of all, it shows that hope itself is a worthwhile pursuit in life.

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