Mumbai Light Festival Is Bringing The City An Award-Winning Audio-Visual Experience

Mumbai Light Festival Is Bringing The City An Award-Winning Audio-Visual Experience

Bringing Europe’s multidisciplinary new-media artist collective TUNDRA to Mumbai is the Floating Canvas Company. Scheduled to be presented at Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai, from 21 September to 5 October, 2022 is ‘ROW’, an immersive audiovisual experience. Since its inception in 2013, TUNDRA is known for its collaboration between visual artists and electronic music producers to explore synesthetic facets of human audiovisual perception by using new emerging technologies and examining their significance through the lens of creativity. Blending sound, visual, space, and technology and using it as a tool to interact with rapidly-changing environmental contexts, they offer an artistic expression and experience unlike any other.

In general terms, a ‘row’ is a basic way to structure data — from mathematics to twelve notes of the chromatic scale in music. Taking off from there, TUNDRA’s holographic installation, which is composed of a modular and scalable array of screens, takes the shape of a canvas that is constantly changing in length and shape.

Translating raw visuals driven by generative sound, the content is echoed on this canvas with a slight delay, thus creating various moving patterns that highlight and reflect the spatial characteristics of the space where it is installed. ROW has travelled worldwide and has also won two international awards –– Jury Selection at the 24th Japan Media Arts Festival and the Individual Award in the “Light Installation” category of the CITIC Press Lightening Selection (China). This showcase is now being presented by the Floating Canvas Company at the Tao Art Gallery as a satellite event of the Mumbai Light Festival –– a one-of-its-kind public art festival of lights that will launch its inaugural edition in early 2023.

Mumbai Light Festival (MLF) is being envisioned as a one-of-its-kind celebration of lights that is sure to become a fixture in Mumbai’s cultural calendar. It will platform artists from India and abroad who are creating path-breaking work with light as a medium. The events will be intimate and limited-capacity meant to provide a glimpse of a magical space that lies at the intersection of art and technology. Starting September 2022, they will be hosting solo shows by artists and giving people a taste of the possibilities of light as a medium for art. With the goal to establish itself as a public arts festival that is global in ambition, scale and execution, this is the first edition of MLF in what are many to come.

Dates: 21 September, 2022 to 5 October, 2022
Timings: 10 am to 10:30 pm (daily)
Venue: Tao Art Gallery,
165, The View,
Dr Annie Besant Rd,
Worli, Mumbai 400018

You can get tickets here.

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