NFT Lovin’: 4 Homegrown Collections We Have Our Eyes Set On
(L) Zake ; Prasad Bhat (R)

NFT Lovin’: 4 Homegrown Collections We Have Our Eyes Set On

The Indian art scene is ever-evolving. With the introduction of NFTs, a space where technology, commerce, and art meet is created. The all-new exciting and dynamic format gives the artists as well as the audience something new to marvel at, draw inspiration from and appreciate.

There is no dearth of talent among Indian digital artists, and to prove so, we’re here to take you through some NFT drops that are simply jaw-dropping.

I. The Regulators by Zake

Graffiti artist Zake in collaboration with 4Z4DI Entertainment released The Regulators, in homage to the godfathers of the Hip Hop movement, including Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur, and more. These renditions are unique as they draw from ‘contemporary depictions of Indian mythological characters’. The artist has bestowed a mukut (crown) upon these timeless individuals that served as the face of hip-hop to millions all over the world.

Explore this collection on OpenSea here.

II. Hand Drawn Loops by Prasad Bhat

Hand Drawn Loops is the culmination of fun, brightness, and a feeling of childhood nostalgia. Inspired by the looped animations of the 1930s, Prasad Bhat put together similar pieces of art through exciting animated transitions. He is successful in bringing about nostalgia by way of being inspired by cartoons, and portraying them in an utmost playful manner. As his his first NFT collectible set, Prasad Bhat has hit the nail on the head by combining new-age art, pop culture, and simplicity.

Find the collection on OpenSea here.

III. Crypto Ranis by Vidya

Portraying strong feminine spirit through her art is San Francisco-based artist Vidya Vinnakota. She explores South Asian culture through the lens of women, covering stigma and taboos. Her artistic style is bold, colourful, and undeniably impactful. Depicting all things women ‘can’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’ do, Vidya’s collection is definitely one of our favourites.

Go through her collection on SuperRare here.

IV. Car Art Collection by Sidharth Vohra

If you’re a car enthusiast, Sidharth’s Car Art Collection will bring you joy like no other. As a ‘tribute to the prettiest cars ever made’, this collection is as pleasing to the eyes as it is masterfully created. Fun, (somewhat) futuristic, and colourful, his palpable love for cars drips from the collection and this also manages to translate into excitement for those viewing it.

Explore the collection on OpenSea here.

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