Optical Illusions And Other Short Stories: Deconstructing Vita Motus Design Studio

Optical Illusions And Other Short Stories: Deconstructing Vita Motus Design Studio
Vita Motus
[And if you've already been through this one, just scroll down to number XI. onwards for all their latest projects.] 
A Study Guide to Vita Motus
The Main Minds 

Since its formation however, there have been several other characters in the story that continues to tell itself relentlessly. Her co-designer from Do Lab, Josh Flemming's had his part to play in aesthetics not to mention the unbelievably talented Alex Lazarus.

Vita Motus
Prodigious Philosophies
A Homegrown Guide To Vita Motus
1. Absolute Nights : Brooklyn (2014)
2. Asap Rocky Touring Stage (2014)
3. Janelle Monae & M.I.A holographic duet with 3D mapped stage for Audi A3 launch - ( La & NY 2014 )
4. Pharrell Williams- Coachella Headlining Show (2014)
5. The Do Lab- Coachella Structures & Media Chandelier (2014)
6. Video Mapped Alchemy Stage at Boom Festival in Portugal (2014)
7. Smirnoff Experience: Bangalore with Nero & rusko (2013)
8. Amon Tobin's ISAM Tour (2012/2013 - Currently Touring)
9. Bingo Players Static Boom Stage (2013)

Vita Motus came onboard as chief designers as well as art direction & 3D CAD, concept inception, executive production and production design. They created a unique, iconic adventure of sound designed to be youthful, fun and energetic for the Bingo Players tour. Their high tech blend of modular, rear projection speaker cones, boom boxes and LED lighting leave great daytime and night time options for their upcoming tour and festival dates.

Vita Motus

10. The Beat Nest: A Treehouse DJ Platform (2013)

Initially created for the house music stage at Lightning in a Bottle Festival, this DJ platform was meant to break the boundaries of what is expected from a DJ booth. An array of light and colour to brighten up the dance floor day and night.

Vita Motus

11. Infected Mushroom Army Of Mushrooms Tour (2012/2013 - Currently Touring)

This dynamic set was technically designed and specifically engineered for non-traditional projection mapping as its forced perspective lines are intended to accentuate 3-dimensional forma.

Vita Motus

12. The Cloud - Coachella 2013

This one is quite possibly one of their most renowned pieces of work. Created for the Do Lab stage installation at Coachella Music Festival, Vita Motus co-designed an interactive elevated circus performance platform. Layers of rectangular scrim flown above a circus flag that also mists water and haze to allow for dynamic lighting and media plays on particles and translucent layers.

Vita Motus
13. Do Lab Misting Oasis - Coachella
Vita Motus
14. Dance Temple - Boom Festival Portugal (2012)

Once again the unstoppable duo of The Do Lab and Vita Motus joined creative forces with Boom Festival to build the biggest projects either one had ever created.

Vita Motus
15. Water Chandelier - Marquee Club Las Vegas (2012) 

We spoke about this one earlier and it's still installed at the club. Do Lab and Vita Motus designed and fabricated a chandelier water sculpture  to hang over the pool at the roof top Marquee Club in Las Vegas.

Vita Motus

16. Triad Structure (2011/2012)

This Triad Stage was envisioned for Lightning in a Bottle balances both a modern sensibility felt in the bright colour spectrum with the architecture which was inspired and modelled after ancient tribal structures.

Vita Motus
17. Do Lab Misting Oasis - Coachella (2011)

This stage was designed to break from the usual square truss that the festival goer will normally see.

Vita Motus

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