The Portable Travel Stationery Box Every Globetrotter Needs

The Portable Travel Stationery Box Every Globetrotter Needs

There are some people who go into a stationery store for a new ballpoint and end up dropping a month’s salary on yet another planner and a full set of pens – because of course, that’s the only way you’ll get organized. If this sounds familiar then you definitely need to get on board with Origin One. The retail side of the celebrated Grafiosi Designs in Delhi, these curators of fine stationery position themselves as ‘a collection of everyday objects for the design loving global nomad’.

The mind behind the operation Pushkar Thakur, founder of Grafiosi, is constantly creating new and exciting designs to delight Origin One fans and now he’s come up with an idea that caters specifically to the globetrotting stationery fiends. The Travel Stationery box is a set designed for people who love to be organised in style whenever they hit the road. It comes in two variants, the small and large box priced at Rs. 1000 and Rs. 2000 respectively.

The Travel Journal is their first travel-oriented design with every page sectioned for date and location as well as morning, afternoon and evening schedules. It has Pushkar’s seal of approval as well and he found it a lifesaver over his Christmas break.

The Mini Road Trip Planner has everything a meticulous traveler would need. Itinerary, checklists, expense columns and emergency contact pages, this planner will never let you down.

The Baggage Tags are a personal favourite of Pushkar’s, their super-cool design is matched only by their efficiency. They’re hardy enough for the Indian railways but not so flashy that you’ll be crying if you lose it. These are a must have to make your luggage stand out, never will you find yourself in a panic at the carousel again.

The Luggage Stickers/Bookmarks are inspired by airline luggage tags but have doubled up on the style quotient. You can peel them off and stick them to your baggage or just leave them be and preserve the memories.

The small version contains:

A Tall Travel journal

A Set of six baggage strap tags

2 Luggage stickers/bookmark

1 DIY Postcard

The Large version contains:

A Tall Travel Journal

A Mini Road Trip Planner

A Set of 6 Baggage Strap Tags

A Set of 12 Luggage Stickers/Bookmark

1 DIY Postcard