Our Favourite #Inktober Illustrations By Indian Artists This Year

Our Favourite #Inktober Illustrations By Indian Artists This Year

What started as a challenge that artist Jake Parker took on in 2009 in a bid to improve his own skills has over the years become a global tradition, of sorts, that brings together artists and designers across genre’s under the banner of ‘Inktober.’ 31 illustrations in 31 days is the challenge that people — whether you’re a budding young artist or an industry veteran — strive hard to complete. The incredible part about Inktober has to be the myriad of artistic voices, styles and aesthetics that we get to witness in this month-long tribute to art and inspiration.

As the curtain falls on one of our favourite times of the year we looked through the work of young Indian artists across the nation that were a part of Inktober 2016 in an attempt to pick our favourite pieces, and it truly was a difficult task. With an array of stunning drawings, doodles, illustrations and mixed-media works, we had a formidable collection of artistic works that touched upon numerous topics — from light-hearted visualisations of movie dialogues to feminism, body image, and detailed illustrations of Gods of different faiths. Through the month we’ve gotten to see the world through the kaleidoscopic lens of creative minds, and after some serious deliberation, and immense marvelling, we’ve selected some of our favourite works of Inkotber India 2016.

This artists work manages to put a smile on your face with his simple visualisations of iconic movie dialogues that on many occassions takes you back to your childhood.

Surreal and fantastical illustrations seem to be Alyssa’s signature style with work being heavily influenced by myths, folktales, nature and all things incredible. Her work reminds us of our favourite illustrations from children’s books that we treasured when were younger, when we believed in a magical world.

Amalendu’s work stands out for his unique style and aesthetic that seem like a dark exploration of everyday ideas and thoughts. His talent and skill is as incredible as his attention to detail, definitely making him one our favourites.

What really caught our eye was the witty wordplay in his version of Kishore Kumar’s iconic song ‘Ke Pag Ghunghroo Bandh’ from the film Namak Halaal, replacing ‘pag’ for a little pug. His incorporation of everyday life problems of an Indian with humour and style gives him a special spot on this list.

With cut-outs juxtaposed against natural surroundings, her versatile observational works are as entertaining as they are spellbinding, making her one of the most stellar artists all through Inktober.

Her illustrations are almost like a visual journal, documenting everyday life experiences, friends and family of a ‘regular Indian girl,’ so to speak.

Anime-inspired, her work gives the female form a snazzy twist, her character designs are a playful ode to dragons and fairies in her own unique style.

Multi-talented Ishaan Bharat may just be at the top of our favourite young artists list. His work covers a range of topics and styles including everything cultural, aesthetic, natural and social, resulting in a diverse body of incredible artwork.

Jaimeen’s work truly stands out for its distinctive style in all its macabre glory. With critical observational commentary about society and politics, he is definitely one artist whose work you’re going to want to follow.

Maitri keeps her inkwork clean, simple, minimal yet highly detailed. Hipster animals with ear piercings and chokers, #maitridalicha is one beautiful Instagram tag you’re going to want to check out.

With a penchant for cats and comics, her work reflects the wit of a comic but also uses dark humour in its aesthetics, especially in her ‘goat women’ series.

Astonishingly detailed drawings seem to be Puneet’s forte, and to say he’s talented would be a massive understatement.

XIII. Sai Charan

Having gone viral for his colourful recreation of a battle between Lord Ram and Raavan, Sai’s quick sketches, digital work and play with vibrant colours are a delight to have on your feed.

We love Tanya’s Inktober Gods series and were truly saddened that there weren’t more in the collection.

Vaibhav won us over with a running cat theme and character designs through Inktober. His work is cute, quirky and absolutely brilliant.

Yashada visualised poems and spoken word through Inktober, one of which was even retweeted by beloved spoken word poet, Sarah Kay herself.