Photo Book ‘After Kiss’ Proves Nakedness Is Not Always Sexual

Photo Book ‘After Kiss’ Proves Nakedness Is Not Always Sexual
The Danny Guy & Yogarwa

We say we must appreciate nature and all that it bestows upon us, but we conveniently forget that the human body is one of its most treasured and complex creations –– and humans, with their typical human nature, reduce the body to a size, shape and structure, all while ignoring its true beauty.

27-year-old photographer Danny focuses on the essence of our bodies and captures them through his lens. Owing to the fact that nude photography is highly unexplored in India, Danny’s motivation lies in exposing our country to the surreal art that explores our bodies as they are.

His latest photo book, ‘After Kiss’, created with the wonderful model Yogarwa, is a ‘portrayal of love, intimacy, tenderness in its most raw naked form and is a mix of poetry and photographs’. With their hearts and souls poured into the making of this book, After Kiss is a culmination of words and pictures that truly introduces you to the soul of nude photography.

Danny explains his purpose and says, “My purpose is to bring out the artistic side of nakedness and show it to the audiences –– and to change this idea that naked bodies are not always just sexual.”

If you are unaware of nude photography, or even someone who revels in it, After Kiss makes for a perfect photo book to own –– the talent and passionate work behind it makes it all the more special.

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