Picking Apart The Pieces With RBMA Installation Artist Prasheen Lodhia

Picking Apart The Pieces With RBMA Installation Artist Prasheen Lodhia
Photo Credit: Neville Sukhia/ Red Bull Content Pool

I. How did you first become aware of RBMA's worldwide logo talent hunt? 
To be honest, the opportunity occurred by chance and once I became aware of the project, I worked on a detailed submission outlining the concept. I was told there were other artists contending for the role, but this ended up being the brightest choice. No, really, I was setting out to design a light box!
II. Were there any specifications or guidelines you had to keep in mind while conceptualising what you were going to build?

Yes. There is a standardized template which is used internationally for all RBMA logos, however this simply formed the canvas on which to work.

III. You've dabbled in a variety of activities over the years from conducting Hang Therapy workshops to writing, all in between incessant traveling? Is sustainable art looking poised to become one of your many pies or is this particular project a one off thing? 
I consider all life a work of art, so I try not to differentiate between pies! While I can't say for sure what my next project will be, I do know that sustainable art is highly rewarding.

IV. How do you maintain a balance between your creative outlets? 
I harness my energy from the inspirations of the moment. The creative outlets follow naturally.

V. Give us a little insight into the creative process you went through while bringing this project to life.
The inspiration was drawn from a traditional Indian artefact worn by half the country's population. After hours of wandering through the chaotic alleyways of Bhuleshwar, I found what I was looking for! I arrived at a glass bangle wholesaler on the second floor of a small heritage building. I acquired thousands of bangles and he asked me where I was planning on selling them! At least if the art didn't work out, I had enough inventory to open up a bangle shop!
Next, there was the journey to Reay Road, where I discovered an acrylic fabricator and spent endless hours designing and tailoring the light box.
Still, this only marked the beginning of a long process of experimenting with bangle patterns and ultimately designing this piece.
The concept was simple; affix a plethora of bangles to the light box, and turn on a hundred LED's. The result was a unique stained-glass style bangle mural.

VI. And what were some of the bigger challenges you faced while building it? 
My paint brush could only paint in circles! The first thing about working with bangles, is you have to think outside the box. For most of our life, we are used to working with straight lines. This was like learning to write in calligraphy after a lifetime of writing in BLOCK letters.
Second, working with glass was a first for me. Not only did I have my fair share of cuts, but some of the detail work felt like I was like laying gem stones under a microscope!
VII. Finally, how has it impacted your perspective towards installation art and the direction of your work in general? 
It seems as though these days children are taught arts and crafts in school and then told for the rest of their lives to be a doctor or to get an MBA. This project was a reminder that arts and crafts ain't just for kids! I feel blessed to be living within a space where my work mimics my passions. How the rest unfolds, time will tell!Here are some of the designs from RBMA worldwide:

Words: Mandovi Menon Image Credit: Prasheen Lodhia/Neville Sukhia/Red Bull Content Pool

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