Polish Connect: Get To Know Martyna Galla And Sonia Szostak

Polish Connect: Get To Know Martyna Galla And Sonia Szostak
Martyna Anastazja Galla. Fashion photographer.
She doesn’t like to talk about herself. She wants to move to the country side soon and perhaps become a farmer. She likes rice waffles and children, she doesn’t like crowds. She asks if it sounds cliché.
Still, we managed to dig up what a magazine had to say about her and her work:
“Martyna Galla shoots with the control and composure of an artist twice her age -- something that is especially apparent in the lack of overt, hyper-sexualization that characterizes her style. The truest sign of a great fashion photographer is when they can create captivating images without relying on cheap tricks, and in that respect, Martyna Galla is a master ahead of her time.”
Sonia Szóstak. Fashion photographer.
First and foremost, she loves cinema. It’s probably that passion which drove her to go to Film School. She loves Italian movies. Tornatore, Benigni, Fellini. This is the magical world which inspires her the most. Other inspirations include paintings and music - especially the blues. Blues, blues, blues! She was always most interested in things which are in some way  ‘unreal’ or surrealistic.
She enjoys good food, wine and good book. She also loves taking photos of her friends as it keeps her connected to how she started and is till date, the greatest fun for her. If she were ever to win the lottery, she would buy tickets to South America for all of them so that they could travel together and she could photograph them in a more natural, pre-existing setting.
She’s clearly an old soul too. For someone so young, she has an interesting outlook on life – she’d rather live without anything modern. For her, all things she loves belong to  ‘old times.’

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