Porus & Prayag Round Off Rough Edges With This Classic Winter-Themed Photo Shoot

Porus & Prayag Round Off Rough Edges With This Classic Winter-Themed Photo Shoot
About two years ago, photographer Porus Vimadalal and stylist Prayag Menon, surfaced as a small fashion miracle—an untraceable yet fully formed duo—silently building up a reputation for minimalistic excellence, despite being aliens to the bright lights and sharp contours of studio life. Having traversed parallel paths (largely unknowingly) acquiring commercial pilot licenses, only to ultimately give in to their appetite for creative satisfaction, both decided to pursue a career in bringing the glossiest pages of fashion editorials to life instead. Porus by getting behind the camera; Prayag by getting involved in styling highly conceptualized shoots, both largely driven by similar aesthetics. Judging by their repertoire, the decision couldn’t have been anything but fated, which brings us to another interesting twist in this tale.
We’ve been following Porus’ work for so long now, we jumped at the chance to feature some of their personal portfolio when given the chance, pleased to know we occupied any space at all in their minds as they do in ours. This is also why we were probably quick to forgive them for going so blatantly against our instructions to get out of sartorial comfort zones this new year, but we do enjoy a bit of rebellion. And the double Ps know how to make rebellion look far too chic to threaten any serious consequences. Naturally, we caught up with them in the hopes of understanding both their partnership and their thought process behind this entirely personal shoot. 

Scroll on for the full script of the interview + an exclusive look at the mood they created at for their 'comfort zone.' 

I. Contextualize the concept you had in mind for this shoot in 2-3 lines
II. How would you say your personal portfolio differs from your commercial one?

Well, in a personal portfolio we can exercise complete freedom and control over a shoot; right from the casting to the styling to the vibe, selecting final images and practically everything else. A commercial portfolio is still not a 100% ours; we have to meet the client halfway, adjust and modify preferences and reach common ground.

[Click on the gallery below to see the images in full]

III. How important is it for you to satisfy your own creativity by working on completely solo concepts, free from the boundaries of commercial viability?
IV. Describe your dream shoot to us?
V. Was there any key message (sartorially or deeper) that you wanted to communicate to an audience through this shoot?
VI. Describe your comfort zone to us and why do you think comfort zones in general are important for people to have, even if it’s only to challenge themselves to move out of it?
VII. What’s your favourite image from this series and why?
VIII. What kind of fashion images really get under your skin?
IX. How do you think fashion photography in India has evolved since you first entered the business?
Quick Question Round:
A]. A planet you’d love to shoot on.
B]. 1 mood you think this shoot particularly depicts.
C]. If you could give it a soundtrack, what song would you choose?
D]. Your earliest memory involving photography.
E]. 1 image from the world of fashion that has always had a big impact on you.


Videographer: Gina Narang Hair/Make-up: Sonam Chandna Model: Jade Willoughby (Anima Creatives) Photographer’s Assistant: Neha Chandrakant Fashion Assistant: Nikita Wanvari.

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