Raghava KK Makes Indian NFT History With A $94,500 Sotheby's Sale

Raghava KK Makes Indian NFT History With A $94,500 Sotheby's Sale

NFTs have been all the rage these past two years with many artists riding on this new non-fungible token wave. Indian artists have also been releasing their own NFTs, in a bid to have a larger say in their own art. The latest to set a record when it comes to Indian artists and NFTs is Raghava KK who is also known as NFT-Punk.

Recently, his NFT, La Petite Mort (part of The Orgasm Project) managed to make a whopping $94,500 splash at Boundless Space, the online group auction by Sotheby’s and Burning Man. While the bidding for his ‘phygital’ ( an artwork that has both a digital as well as physical copy, that both belong to the bidder) piece started at just $100, he was among the top five bids (out of the 150 featured artists) with the highest bid at $1,08,000 for photographer Peter Ruprecht’s work.

In his interview with The Hindu, he said, “I want the world to have a bit of disruptive India in their collections. This disruptive technology has the potential to create utopias and dystopias — as with any technology,” adding, “Exclusivity is rare in a capitalistic economy, but crypto investors, typically libertarian, look to break out of this. It’s an anti-political statement to re-establish the real-world art system.”

The multi-disciplinary artist whose work shifts across artistic mediums of painting, installations, sculptures, film, and iPad art explores how humans connect with emotions like loss, love, introspection, and boundaries in his auctioned NFT. The phygital piece was created in collaboration with neuroscientist Abhijeet Satani, data scientist Harshit Agrawal, and material scientist Ben Tritt.

You can checkout Raghava’s work here.

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