Reel Romance: 3 Homegrown Filmmaker’s Exploring The Complexities Of Love

Reel Romance: 3 Homegrown Filmmaker’s Exploring The Complexities Of Love

Even in all its encompassing glory, love is complex, complicated and confusing. Time and again I find myself turning to pop culture to make sense of this feeling called ‘love.’ While love can mean a million different things and there are numerous versions of love that exist, today we are exploring the complexities of romantic love.

Set to the screen, these homegrown filmmakers are not ones to shy away from the complexities of love and their short films are the perfect getaway to love and its absence sometimes.

I. ‘Interior Cafe Night’ by Adhiraj Bose

At all of 25, debutant filmmaker Adhiraj Bose got the opportunity to direct Nasserudin Shah for his short film Interior Cafe Night. The 13-minute short film set in a cafe in Kolkata explores the dynamics of a forgotten love that re-emerges and how one reconnects in this unexpected reunion after years. Does the love that once existed, stay true regardless of life getting in the middle?

II. ‘Amaya’ by Mohit Tiwari

Mohit Tiwari directorial short film Amaya explores the dynamics of a relationship, with Aaron Kaul and Yashi Verma playing the protagonists in the short film and with poetry by Verma and Raqeeb Raza. It explores how even when relationships that feel too good to be true or that make sense in the moment, can fade away with time or fizzle out. Love might have no expiry date but relationships most certainly do.

You can watch the short film here.

III. ‘Closure’ by Ria Singh

What makes a relationship great? Deep affection, fierce chemistry, shared interests & mutual trust? But none of it matters without consent,” said tinder while releasing the short film Closure featuring Kavya Trehan and Mrinal Dutt. Directed by Ria Singh for Tinder the film explores the dynamics of love, relationship, consent, and closure.

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