Regional Art & Thoughtful Design Come Together At This Wayanad Holiday Home

Regional Art & Thoughtful  Design Come Together At This Wayanad Holiday Home
Architectural Digest

Turning a house into a home is a process personal to each one. For some, it means a space ridden with personal items that narrate tales of the past and present, while for others, it could simply be a space they come back to, to unwind.

A traditionally inspired home in Wayanad, Kerala, uses local resources, aesthetics, and values to make it the relaxing holiday home that it is. Worked on by architecture firm, The Humming Tree, the sprawling home and its respective open space gives off a clam and inviting energy. The home in itself is respectful to its surroundings and the environment that allows for its existence — parts of it are built with locally sourced clay, terracotta, and reclaimed wood. Going a step beyond, the art and furniture used in this home are all locally-sourced, too, and perhaps, that is what lends its homely identity.

Image Courtesy: Architectural Digest

Keeping the harsh heat and monsoon of Kerala in mind, the house makes use of bricks and laterite - all locally sourced, in addition to the stones used. Earthy tones dictate the overall look of the house, but it is studded with local art no less than gems. Much of the furniture, too, is sourced from Mattancherry, which is essentially the art hub of Kerala. With regional identity seeping into the home with these pieces, their presence and placement throughout create a familiar feeling through the home.

Image Courtesy: Architectural Digest

Adding touches of the local culture and surrounding environment does so much more than simply elevate the look of the house - it acts as a window into the lives of those who inhabit it, their identity, and inspirations. Designing a home is complete when these aspects shine through, and in this Wayanad holiday home, they shine bright.

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