Sameer Kulavoor’s Latest Exhibition Explores The Many Faces Of Urban Life

Sameer Kulavoor’s Latest Exhibition Explores The Many Faces Of Urban Life

Every person has a story and in a city like Mumbai there are millions of tales, some waiting to be read out loud and others are hidden away behind coy smiles and dramatic eyes. Sometimes when words fail, art stands up, paving the way for emotions and experiences that words could never do justice too. Giving life to grey canvases with faceless human figures rendered in fluorescent hues, ‘The Man of the Crowd’ celebrates cities and its layered identities with a fascinating tale to tell.

Named after Edgar Allan Poe’s short story ‘The Man of the Crowd’, Indian artist Sameer Kulavoor’s first solo exhibition at TARQ gallery embraces paint on canvas and mini sculptures to convey a fascinating narrative of the various characters the artist has observed in the peculiar metropolis in which they reside. Although this is not his first exhibition, Sameer stepped away from his usual practice as a graphic designer and illustrator by seizing the canvas and creating a series of terracotta figurines that as extensions of the painting add charisma to the exhibition.

Kulavoor is well known for capturing the soul of urban spaces by combining his art and design aesthetics with his unique observation skills depicting the world he sees around. Founder of Bombay Duck Designs and co-founder and co-curator of 100% ZINE, Sameer has been creating some self–published art books and zines that showcase the many mannerisms of his urban surroundings. Currently working and residing in Mumbai, Kulavoor recently exhibited ‘Please Have A Seat’ at Artisan’s Gallery in Mumbai.

Hosted by TARQ gallery, the exhibition will open doors from March 16 through to April 26, with a special preview on March 15 and would be on view from 11 AM to 6.30 PM. The show will also be accompanied by a catalogue essay penned by renowned researcher, architect, and academic Dr Kaiwan Mehta.

You can find more information about the exhibition on TARQ’s Facebook page and website. Check out more of Sameer Kulavoor’s incredible work on his website.

Featured image courtesy of Sameer Kulavoor and TARQ.