St+Art India Is Converting A Mumbai Basketball Court Into An Artistic Landscape

St+Art India Is Converting A Mumbai Basketball Court Into An Artistic Landscape

As the post-pandemic fervour rages on and public spaces open up, we as a society are now keen more than ever to find solace in art. And what’s better than an egalitarian artistic experience?

Transforming urban India’s public spaces into a vivid canvas is the St+Art Foundation, a non-profit organisation that works on making art more accessible and allowing the masses to revel in a democratic celebration of creativity.

St+Art India Foundation and Adidas India have once again teamed up to refurbish the basketball court of Mumbai’s St. Andrews High School by creating an impactfully vibrant mural that boasts of team spirit and sports culture.

The artwork is the brainchild of French artist Chifumi Krohom and delves into his signatures style featuring hands as powerful communicative symbols that go beyond any language barriers. The incredible artwork features a ‘team huddle’ which is considered to be an iconic moment marking any sporting event or match.

Different hands of both boys and girls, characterised by various skin tones, put across the message of equality and inclusion while highlighting the importance of diversity at large.

The painting features a diverse range of skin tones and hands, symbolising equality and inclusion which echoes the ethos of ‘unity in diversity’. Leading the art revolution in the homegrown sphere, St+Art aims to create an inclusive conversation around artistic appreciation.

‘We see possibilities when we come together, which is captured through bold colours and a strong circular configuration, the unique energy that sport and togetherness release for both the players and the public.

Through the palpable vibrancy of the piece, we hope to fuel the vision of an active and creative lifestyle accessible to all while infusing fundamental values such as equality and togetherness.’

— St+Art Organisation

Check out their work here.

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