Step Inside A Cool, Sustainable Mud & Bamboo Home In Haryana

Step Inside A Cool, Sustainable Mud & Bamboo Home In Haryana
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The intense incoming summer makes us all look for cool spots and soothing conditions. Back in the day, Indian homes proved to be cooler sans air conditioners and coolers, simply owing to their nature of construction.

In the small village of Anangpur in Haryana, which is believed to be the birthplace of Prithviraj Chauhan’s grandfather’s birthplace, the quarrying and mining reached a point where it may as well have taken over its beauty. Architect Revathi Kamath, however, decided to take some power back and build her now long-standing home made of mud and bamboo –– reclaiming nature’s space, and also integrating it into human lives through her home.

Image Courtesy: The Better India

The concept of India moving to pucca houses from kacha ones came with development and modernisation. Traditional Indian practices have long proven to be sustainable –– using materials from the region you build your house on, and maximising their strength and potential to last decades. Revathi’s house is an example of that. She dug out red quartzite and clay from the site of the home, and also restored the topsoil before construction.

The two-storeyed house is no less than any other contemporary home and its design. With ample balconies and open space, the home seems to be well ventilated, too. The sun-dried mud bricks give it the structure and support it needs.

Image Courtesy: The Better India

The home is able to bring about aspects of calm and serenity, perhaps owing to its cool nature, and maybe even its picture-perfect interiors. It stands as a prime example of the integrity of traditional Indian practices in architecture and infrastructure, sustainability, and also design.

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