Stunning Murals By International Graffiti Artists Across India

Hansel & Gretel, or at least the Brothers Grimm, always had it right--leaving your trail behind has its perks, and they go well beyond keeping yourself safe from cannibalistic witches and their brewing cauldrons. It would appear that an astonishing number of international street artists received the memo though because the mural trails they've been leaving behind in India are well worth a probe.
From Kochi to Varanasi, their indelible artworks are standing the test of time even amidst the colourful chaos without any help from the outside. But the colours you create when you infuse them together in a single palette are far more intriguing than the ones that exist on their own.

Homegrown curates incredible Graffiti artist murals across the Indian landscape.

1. Mattia Lullini - Extension Khirkee Festival

Where: New Delhi, India

mattia lullini, paintings, wall, india, artwork

2. Interesni Kazki

Where: Kerala

Interesni Kazki, artwork, painting, wallpainting
Interesni Kazki, artwork, wallpainting, art, india

3. C215

Where: Delhi

C215, Artist, stencils, Delhi, India

4. Baba - Artist Unknown

Where: Varanasi

Baba: Varanasi, india, artists, art, walls

5. Aakash Nihalani: Inside out

Where: Delhi 

Aakash Nihalani, delhi, india, artwork, 3D

6. Hugh Leeman

Where: Varanasi

Hugh Leeman, Varanasi, grafitti, art, painting

7. Hendrik Beikirch

Where: Bangalore

Hendrik-Beikirch, Bangalore, India, Artwork, Art, Paintings

8. Multiple Murals Painted by Wa One of Interesni Kazki In India

Where: We couldn't begin to figure it out...

Interesni Kazki, artwork, india, painting, walls
interesniwaone, wa one, artwork, India,

9. Adnate

Where: Mumbai, Tulsi Pipe Road

Where: Delhi


11. Okuda

Where: Delhi

Image Courtesy - AKSHAT NAURIYAL for st.ART India

12. Loomit - 'Himalayas'

Where: Delhi

Image courtesy -

13. Alias

Where: Delhi

Image couresy - st.ART Delhi

14. Andy Yeng & Tofu

Where: Delhi

15. Bond

Where: Delhi

Image Source :

16. Tofu

Where: Goa

Image courtesy - St.ART Mumbai, 2014

17. Dome

Where: Mumbai, Near Lilavati Hospital (Bandra)

Image Source :

18. Gomez - ‘The Rapture Of Virgin Mary’

Where: Outside St. Jude Bakery, Bandra

Image Source : gqindia

[Missed some of your favourites? Don't worry. Just let us know in the comments section below, we'll be happy to add them in.]

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