We Illustrated The Best Of Dr. Mahinder Watsa's 'Ask The Sexpert' Column Vol II.

We Illustrated The Best Of Dr. Mahinder Watsa's 'Ask The Sexpert' Column Vol II.

India’s most famous sexpert, Dr. Mahinder Watsa passed away today, aged 96. Homegrown remembers Dr. Watsa for schooling generations on sex education where adults and schools failed us.

This article was originally published on 13 March, 2017; we are republishing it today (28 December, 2020).

As adolescents growing up in India, Ask the Sexpert was that one column in the Mumbai Mirror that we all read religiously, either to giggle at ‘naughty’ words being mentioned, or raise our eyebrows at things we learnt from the great sex guru, Dr. Mahinder Watsa, and his acidic responses. While some people used the write-in sex inquiry feature to gain actual sex education, others merely tried to elicit the hilariously witty quips and responses from the Sexpert through bizarre questions, but Dr. Watsa was never unnerved. His unusually frank answers even had something of a special following, making the now 91-year-old man a cult legend in India.

While some questions were obviously made up (or at least, we hope so) others reflected the serious lack of sex education in our country. But all questions were met with equal doses of brutally honest and funny remarks alike. The nostalgia attached to this column for all those who grew up reading it is quite deep as well. Unsurprising given that Dr. Mahinder Watsa was one of the few people who openly addressed the controversial topic of sex in India, and he did it with flair.

In our first volume, we put together illustrations of some of our favourite questions asked to Dr. Watsa, and his comically legendary responses. And since the Sexpert never beats around the bush (no pun intended) we’re taking a page out of his book of frankness. So scroll on for our second volume of quirky illustrations of eight things asked to the Sexpert, made by our in-house designer, Taarika John.

All Illustrations By Taarika John

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