Till Death Do Us Ap-Art: Tattoos, Treasurable Trash & Traditional Paints

Till Death Do Us Ap-Art: Tattoos, Treasurable Trash & Traditional Paints

Dear Homegrown Reader,

As we find ourselves approaching spring, we’re oversaturated by current global political events, surfing through memes, finding new music, and maybe mulling over the latest euphoria episode? Well, it’s time to take a mental breather from the weekly developments, log out of your zoom calls, and kick your feet up as you slowly prep yourself for the weekend and some much-needed downtime to rejuvenate.

Just like you, I ponder on how to catch a break from the endless tirade of doom scrolling and invest in content that wouldn’t require me to tumble down that dreadful existential rabbit hole or tempt me to go the retail therapy way that sometimes does more damage than good, let’s be honest!

And the answer always boils down to art. No surprises there! At Homegrown, we have always found ourselves finding solace and inspiration in these defining times by spotlighting the vanguard of artistic, visual makers, and creators navigating the multifaceted landscape of Indian art.

The average Indian spends a chunk of his life commuting and travelling via trains which prove to be the backbone of the country’s transport system. However, giving it a colourful twist is Mumbai’s local trains that are undergoing a vibrant makeover. The trains are set to capture the essence of local culture, artisans, and cuisine by 2023. If you find yourself looking forward to a train ride, this might be a sign to get your travel itinerary ready!

I think we can all collectively agree that repurposing is in and a reckless use & throw lifestyle is so passé. Turning trash into treasurable art installations is a Kerala based collective turning beaches into quite the tourist attraction.

Inspiring a unique and thoughtful approach to art, this is sure to help us channel our DIY spirit and get us to throw our creative caps on. Next time you catch yourself dumping those old wine bottles or dusty wooden chairs, try painting them!

Your body is a canvas and adorning it with kickass tattoos is always a fun experience. While the attraction to ink only seems to be becoming more prevalent, the options for tattoo styles and artists seem to be infinite as well.We save you from the confusing rut and bring you an exciting curation of tattoo artists running the Indian inking scene currently. From quirky little tattoos to intricate pieces, these ink whizzes will have you covered (literally).If you’re wondering about the nitty-gritty behind getting a tattoo and discovering more about your favourite artists, then this one’s for you!

Living in a digital world that constantly seems to engulf more and more of your life experiences by cementing a stronger virtual presence, our definition of art seems to have catapulted into NFTs. However, we seek to refresh and indulge in the nostalgia and familiarity of good old traditional paintings. Remember the sunny hilltops and picturesque landscape paintings that once gave us great joy, well let us help you revel in the mastery of homegrown artists keeping the charm of watercolour paintings alive.

And with that, I conclude this week’s roundup of art that inspires and reignites our hope in the virtue of human existence. Irrespective of the times, we find ourselves going back to the fact that art is a constant in a world where mundanity, joy, suffering, and beauty all co-exist. Remember to keep the artist in you unfettered and alive!

Love and hope,

Riya Sharma

Features writer

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