Transverse The Streets Of Pakistan In This Game For Some Biryani

Transverse The Streets Of Pakistan In This Game For Some Biryani

‘Designer and doodler’ is how Pakistani artist Usman Ibrahim defines himself. Believing in the power of design, his latest project is an 8-bit platformer game concept called ‘Dahi le ao’ that is everything and more that childhood (in fact even adulthood) dreams are made of. There is just something about Biryani that gets everyone’s mouth watering much like Pavlov’s dog. It’s no wonder that even across the border in India biryani is the most ordered food on food delivery apps.

The game concept developed alongside fellow designer Hamza Naveed is simple. Waleed is an 11-year-old boy living in Androon Lahore. His mother sends him to fetch 1/2 kilo dahi to cook his favourite dish –– biryani. Waleed runs into chaos in the streets and has a mystery to solve. He flings bags of dahi at anyone that poses a threat, be it random street thugs, rabid dogs, or more serious threats. In the game, we join Waleed as he traverses the streets of Pakistan to get home safe with a bag of dahi and a healthy appetite to enjoy some scrumptious home-cooked biryani.

While the game is just a concept, for now, we hope it materializes into an actual game soon, for the love of the biryani that unites almost everyone.

You can checkout Usman’s Instagram here.

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