Vous Etes Sexy With Sheetal Sudhir

Vous Etes Sexy With Sheetal Sudhir

Sexy is as sexy does. Vous Etes Sexy has Juhi Pande profiling and interrogating people who are minding their own (sweet) business.
Who is Juhi Pande? She’s someone who sucks at bios. She likes rockets, Chuck Palahniuk, train rides and astrophysics. And she wants to be a writer when she grows up. This week she accuses Sheetal Sudhir of being a spy among other things.
But first, here’s what she had to say about Sheetal:
Sheetal Sudhir is a pint-sized dynamite. She has been steeped in design from the time she was a little girl. From being the creative director and vice president at Channel V for many years, she now runs her own broadcast design company called Dynamite Design.She likes rubbish TV and gets really loud when American Ninja Warrior is on. Tiny shorts, squash racquet, terrible Hindi & stellar break dance moves is pretty much her in a nutshell.


I. Juhi: Are you a spy?
Sheetal: Are you kidding me? You know the drill. If I tell you…boom!
II. Juhi:How do you make a living?
Sheetal: I run a company called Dynamite Design. We are a broadcast design and branding company. We make things look good. That’s the short of it.
III. Juhi: Where did you go to study?
Sheetal: Aditi (blr): that was school. I was the only Sheetal in the entire school
Mount Carmel college: (blr: pre-univ) I was 1 of 4 Sheetals in the same class!!!! And get this…. I played Basketball for the junior state team during those 2 years
National institute of design ( Ahm: ) Here is where I learnt that there was more to India than good old B’lore. And that you had to really suffer the heat of Ahmedabad and poverty of hostel life for 5 years to become a solid know all NID graduate!


IV. Juhi: Do you have any friends from college who can still be qualified under the ‘3 a.m. phone call’ friend?
Sheetal: Yes. Samy. I made friends with her because she had a kinetic Honda. It soon became ‘our’ bike….’our’ get-away space mobile. We would bunk college to do amazing things like eat hot chocolate fudge Sundays. We were RAD!V. Juhi:If you weren’t lady Dynamite, what would you have been? (Alternate profession choice)
Sheetal: That’s a toughie! I like the idea of being a corporate big-wig…jet setting around making executive decisions that will change the world…wearing suits and high heals…inspired from lipstick jungle. Do you remember that show?
I totally like the idea of being a nursery school teacher. Coz I enjoy kids. (when they’re really short) once they reach waist level..im not really that interested.
I like the idea of being a scuba diving instructor. (maybe that comes from the fact that I’m happiest most when I’m on a beach that has mainly white sand and transparent blue water )
VI. Juhi: I’m throwing a theme party. You’re invited, but you have to pick a theme. Pick it.
Sheetal:  SHORTS AND CHAPPALS THEME!!!!! Thanks for letting me choose the theme. This party will rock. NO HIGH HEELS. We’ll have boogie boards and wake boards…and we’ll be playing daft punk…C2C and jamiroquai. Steaks will be served…and Nadal will be chief guest.
VII. Juhi: What are you reading right now?
Sheetal: ‘The dirtiest race in history.’ Based on the rivalry between Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson and the most infamous Seoul Olympics 100m final…(which I vividly remember watching as a kid)
It unravels the amazing saga of drugs and politics in the world of athletics…


VIII. Juhi: Why do you hate the Djoker so much?
Sheetal: Coz he’s a fucking machine! He’s the only one who can beat Nadal… like properly. So even though Nadal has dominated or won more of their encounters together…it’s pretty given that this Serb means business. I’m always weary of watching them play. It’s too exhausting for me…if you know what I mean. He’s an amazing champion…but he’s kind of a spoilt sport too. I just like to say that coz he complains a lot.
IX. Juhi: Which is your favourite kitchen appliance?
Sheetal: My cutting knife. I like chopping things. It’s therapeutic almost. Chop/slice/dice. It’s my favorite part of the whole cooking experience. Everything else is super stressful for me. Like I have to hover over the pan constantly to see if that magic is happening or not.

X. Juhi: What is the one song you love but are too ashamed to admit it?

Sheetal: Well, when I love a song…I kind of live and breathe it in. However crappy it is. Everyone has to play it. My team HAS to like it…and play it at least once a day. I burst into it in the middle of dinner parties. So really it’s embarrassing for everyone else.

XI. Juhi: I know you have a secret sketchbook that travels the world with you. Show us your last doodle. Don’t feel shy.


XII. Juhi: What is your best friend’s name and how long have you two known each other?
Sheetal: Sabelo Todo. That’s her name today. If you’re curious about her roots…or are trying to place that name in some sub cultural context…go ahead and break your head. I’m not helping.
But to answer your question:  She’s my oldest friend in the world. I’ve known her for 29 years! Yes every time we reveal this information to people… there’s instantly a mental calculation going on about how old we are. And Sabelo…trust me…looks like a 17 year old!
XIII. Juhi: What was the last thing you bought?
Sheetal: In the words of Malini my maid “Ek packet dhaniya powder, ek packet mirchi powder, ek packet something else powder aur ek narial!
XIV. Juhi: How much was it for?
Sheetal: These are really heavy questions. Stop judging me. I don’t know!
XV. Juhi: What is your pride and joy?
Sheetal: It was my home. But now I need a bigger space. I’m very greedy. I’m like totally consumerist in nature. I LOVE things.

XVI. Juhi: Tell us a magical travel story.
Sheetal: Kayaking in the bio-luminous bays of Vieques.
Surreal experience. I experienced emotions and feelings I hadn’t known of. I appreciated the stars for the first time ever! You kayak on a moonless nigh, so it’s pitch black in the mangroves. And then you enter the sea and it’s a total milky way happening in the sea, microcellular organisms bursting with light on every impact made on the sea. Your kayak looks like a Tron machine, put your fingers in the water and you leave streaks of neon bursting light to see. It’s stunning. You see flying fish…need I go on?
That and...
Watching the Buena Vista All Stars perform live at the hotel Nacional in Havana.
I felt happiness. Really. I was beaming.
And also...
Hanging out in the box seats at the Wimbledon semis. I was like a kid in a candy store, gawking at Agassi and Steffi sitting 4 feet away. Becker, Billy Jean King, all of us watching Fed beat your friend Djoker, and Murray battling it out with that sweet giant Tsonga
I didn’t want to leave centre court.
XVII. Juhi: Where have you been?
Sheetal: Mostly holed up at Dynamite. Seeing less of the squash courts nowadays and more of my trainer/physio as my body is beginning to break. STOP IT…stop calculating my old age!
Taking a break now and then and going on adventures. I’ve just returned from an amazing adventure, so right now I’m light and bubbly and generally in a good mood!

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