Watch This Dutch Artist Create Magic In Timelapse

Watch This Dutch Artist Create Magic In Timelapse

If you ever need to recapture your sense of wonder, just take a walk through any gallery in the world - The Louvre, The Smithsonian, The British Museum - no matter which country you’re in, great art has the ability to awe. The only failing we could dare put upon these great masters of old is that we will never be privy to the process by which the first brushstroke evolves into a timeless masterpiece.

But of course, today we have something that artists of the Renaissance could only dream of, (although Da Vinci may have actually dreamed it) timelapse video. Through this, modern artists can capture every second of their laborious process and admirers can follow along without have to go through the real time hassles. For the Dutch self-taught hyper-realistic painter, Thijme Termaat, the opportunity was too good to miss. He set out on a journey to capture entire murals in timelapse and the results are breathtaking. His skill and attention to detail converge to create universes out of single strokes and by the time he’s finished it’s hard to believe you’re looking at a painting and not a photograph.

Scroll on to check out his video ‘I Paint’. Though it has been around for a while we’re sure Thijme will amaze and delight you again.

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