‘We Are Now A Store' Combines Intelligent Design & Multi-Functionality In Everyday Life

‘We Are Now A Store' Combines Intelligent Design & Multi-Functionality In Everyday Life

Design and creativity shouldn’t be limited by the narrative of ‘good design’ being reserved for certain sections or demographics. In fact, design has a larger impact on our day-to-day interactions than we realise. For Nouveau Design Studio — a multivariate visual communication design studio from Surat, Gujarat breathing life into shapes and forms, they believe theirs is a space crowded with compulsive visual thinkers. Now moving away from the confines of digital realms to a more visible and sensory sphere, they have come up with their own store in Surat.

‘we are now a store’ is a design dossier by Nouveau Studio where possibilities are limitless and material explorations find home. Of themselves and their design philosophy they say, “As a studio, we find structure in an open-ended system. For us, a split second is what leads to a nascent thought being magnified into something successful. All of these objects and more are created, designed, sampled, and composed by the often overlooked spontaneity.”

Wanting to instil creativity in a routine existence, their products are designed with no defined usage and for a multi-varied functionality. With contrasting materials and design sensibilities, they dabble across mediums and materials. Using wood, metal, stoneware and paper; they create dinnerware, serveware, sculptures, journals, and lifestyle objects.

All their sculptures and lifestyle objects are conceived as modular, with shapes designed to allow the user the freedom to stack them in a variety of combinations to produce novel aesthetic effects. In everyday life, their objects serve as totems, stools, side tables, storage, planters, and trash cans.

Check out We Are Now A Store here.

Check out Nouveau Design Studio here.

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