We Illustrated Terminologies For Female Masturbation

We Illustrated Terminologies For Female Masturbation
Taarika John

Female masturbation has long found itself in the company of asinine cultural taboos in India, a healthy form of self-exploration buried under societal notions of shame and guilt. In an attempt to initiate a dialogue on the subject, we asked readers to share their own experiences and compiled them in our first piece on female self love.

We received mixed responses, ranging from enthusiasm to disdain and naturally, the whole thing incited some particularly spirited discussions in the office. One of our favourite finds from the entire process, however, were the numerous terms we discovered for female masturbation.

Masturbation is a healthy and natural way for women to explore and better understand their own bodies. Making yourself feel good should be a liberating and fun experience, not something to feel ashamed of. The playful, tongue-in-cheek nature of these terms urged me to create this illustrated glossary to make light of a natural bodily process that gets a bad rep way too often--to make the point that masturbation really should not be a big deal.

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