With Three Student EMMYs Manahar Kumar Is Blazing A Trail For South-Asian Creatives

With Three Student EMMYs Manahar Kumar Is Blazing A Trail For South-Asian Creatives

Chandigarh-based actor, Manahar Kumar dons many hats. The most pivotal one, however, is his natural instinct for storytelling paired with an effortless ease in front of the camera. The actor/filmmaker’s journey with the world of cinema has garnered him two student Emmys along with innumerable international film festival accolades.

Manahar’s journey dates back to his early college years when he established a powerful foothold to expand on his potential. Right from his early childhood years, Manahar has grown up around theatre and creative personas that have left an impressionable influence on him and his craft. This undying passion allowed him to complete his Masters of Fine Arts in Film & Television from the prestigious Savanah College of Art & Design.

Manahar’s illustrious career went from being a student filmmaker/actor to him becoming a multifaceted screenplay writer, actor and director who has created not one but two short films that have bagged the coveted student EMMY awards.

His first short film, Kya Dekh Raha Hai? is a heart-wrenching documentary that follows the journey of two eight-year-olds who gather empty alcohol bottles to sell them in exchange for books. This directorial debut of his garnered Manahar his very first student EMMY in 2018.

Manahar’s thesis film, Stardust, went on to win the audience award at the Georgia Film Festival and was also screened at the International Film Festival of South Asia in Toronto. Manahar’s ability to share stories encompasses his passion for social justice that can be achieved through the powerful medium that is film.

In his recent film, Distant, Manahar also plays the role of a misfit illegal migrant who is forced to make a choice between family and love. Manahar’s performance is deeply nuanced and articulative of the turmoils that the character undergoes.

His performance had garnered him yet another student EMMY under the Talent Performance category.

Even though I’ve been acting since 2009, I’ve fallen in love with the process of both, acting and filmmaking, delving deep and giving a part of me as well as learning from each project. I’m eager to see what the rest of this decade has to offer.

— Manahar Kumar

Manahar’s filmography displays a versatile range of narratives and characters that are grounded to powerful social context while actively portraying a deep sense of empathy and compassion.

With his future projects, Manahar intends to expand on his cinematic vision while shining light on the social injustices that plague our world.

You can view Manahar’s work here.

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