Young Indian Artists Have Finally Found A Space To Shine With Cultivate Art

Young Indian Artists Have Finally Found A Space To Shine With Cultivate Art

To be an artist in India takes a rare breed of gumption. To be able to face a country where creative skill is so undervalued you need the perseverance and patience of a saint, but a helping hand can make all the difference. That’s the goal for, Cultivate Art; a dynamic platform for emerging artists where they can showcase their work outside the traditional gallery setting. Curated by Farah Siddiqui and Amy Stafford, the exhibition aims to enable a new generation of art enthusiasts to discover their passion.

With the rise of social media, the process of displaying and promoting art became somewhat one-dimensional. Now people are making an active move back to physical interaction which Cultivate Art is ready to sustain. Collectors and artists can mingle and further the learning experience and novice enthusiasts can get a sense of the gallery experience.

They’re kicking off their journey with the artwork of Viraj Mathani, a 24-year-old interdiscipinary artist and educator. Previously based in Chicago, Viraj’s new series, “Eastern Affair’ aims to explore the intracacies of his Indian heritage and his largely abstract works juxtapose Western styles with traditional Indian imagery such as Madhubani, Jain and Mughal Miniatures, Warli and Godna paintings.

The first of what is soon to be an illustrious event will be taking place in Bandra this weekend. So if you’re already an art-lover or even an artist looking to showcase your work in a new environment, this is the place to be.

When: 24th & 25th March, 2018. 12:00 p.m - 6:00 p.m

Where: Ravi Vazirani Design Studio, Flat no 16, First Floor, Plot 234A, Geetanjali Co Op Housing Society, Bandra [W], Mumbai - 50

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