4 Homegrown Card Games That Are Transforming Indian House Parties

4 Homegrown Card Games That Are Transforming Indian House Parties

All work and no play can make anyone dull. As hints of good old social experiences begin to resurface, Indians, young and old seem to be gearing up for a normal festive season after two excruciating years of the pandemic. House parties are becoming the new norm in this post-pandemic world and are giving a new sense of togetherness to the urban Indian youth.

Growing up in India, games and play have always been an integral part of any social gathering. In an age where online games have replaced the experience of the old-school card and board games, Homegrown discovers unique card games that are created by local Indian brands for a local Indian audience.

Strongly deriving its inspiration from the popular Cards Vs Humanity format, Cards Vs Sanskar is a fun, satirical take on typical Indian experiences that one has witnessed growing up in the country. Created by Adrita Das and Karan Dilip Wohra, this unique card game is a crowd-funded project that became an instant hit amongst a young Indian audience.

The game which is divided into two decks, one which has prompts and another that has funny responses. The prompts and the responses are interestingly placed within the Indian context ranging from topics such as childhood nostalgia, politics, society and more.

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A refreshing spin-off to the traditional truth or dare, this newly launched card game aims to turn your weekend ragers up a notch. With comical dares and action prompts on every card on the deck, this group card game launched by a homegrown brand named Dring is making its rounds through social media as the latest house party additive.

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If you’re looking for a perfect ice-breaker at any social gathering involving or not involving alcohol, Dialog is your best bet. A card game that is devised purely to drive meaningful conversation, Dialog ranges across three levels ranging between cool, warm and hot. The only rule in this game, however, is to acknowledge the establishment of a safe space where conversations can be respectful and free-flowing.

The best part is that Dialog can be played by a solo player too. The prompts/questions on every card can be used for solo activities such as journaling, vlogging or simply a personal reflection.

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In this interesting attempt at educating its consumers about the Indian democracy and its governing systems, mantri cards is a ‘Lok-Sabha’ trump game that aims to develop informed discussions on the Indian political system.

The cards which have present-day political leaders as its characters are shuffled between the players. The cards also denote the educational qualifications, criminal records, served tenure and further details about members of the present Lok Sabha.


New-age Indian card games are not just a reflection of the current state of affairs, it also creates a playful yet conscious effort to initiate conversation, dialogue and debate in a friendly way. These games are also shaping up a new and definite identity for Indian leisure.

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