A Homegrown Starter Kit For A Plastic-Free Lifestyle

A Homegrown Starter Kit For A Plastic-Free Lifestyle

In what could come off as a historic moment in India’s journey towards sustainability, the Ministry for Environment, Forest and Climate Change issued a statement announcing a ban on single-use plastics effective from the 1st of July, 2022. Although India’s decision comes far later than several other developing nations that are already taking larger initiatives to combat change, this small victory could be the spark of a larger sustainable revolution that could be nothing short of transformative in the coming years.

While we at Homegrown have always advocated and promoted a sustainable lifestyle through the brands and initiatives that we’ve featured in the past, we have taken this moment to curate a handy starter pack for those looking to make that shift from single-use plastic to eco-friendly alternatives.

Bio-Degradable Cutlery

The easiest and the most crucial space to start your eco-friendly journey is the kitchen. By replacing simple daily use objects such as cutlery, utensils and bags with sustainable alternatives, you can go a long way in transforming your home into a zero-waste space.

I. Thoosan

Thoosan is an edible tableware brand fighting against single-use plastic. It was started in 2021 after two long years of research to test the viability of wheat bran as the core ingredient of the cutlery along with its biodegradability.

The company offers products such as bowls, cups, and food containers along with wit spoons, knives, forks etc. Despite being advertised as edible cutlery, it isn’t always necessary to consume the cutlery ourselves. The products can be discarded sustainably as they are biodegradable or be used as cattle and poultry feed.

II. Trishula

Along with Trishula’s products being 100% natural, they also have a shelf life of six months, making it convenient to store and preserve them. With 8 different flavours of beetroot, spinach, chocolate, masala, black pepper, mint, ajwain and plain available for grabs, the company allows the customization of spoons in terms of size, and shape and taste.

Recycled Bags, Totes and Storage

I. Akiiko

The founders of this brand have design a collection of utilitarian products that would become eco-conscious daily essentials and add beauty, calm and functionality to the everyday user. For them, a deep admiration of Japanese minimalism and eastern aesthetic sensibilities served as a starting point when it came to design. They started by creating bags and are now slowly shifting into the home improvement space, given the fact that a curated personalized space is now the only living environment where we feel free and safe.

II. Eco Right

EcoRight is a newly emerging start up that prioritises the need to save our planet from the proliferation of plastic. Their products comprise of sustainable, eco-friendly bags that are sustainable and stylish.

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