An Indian Brand That Makes Sustainable & Affordable Stationery From Scrap Paper

An Indian Brand That Makes Sustainable & Affordable Stationery From Scrap Paper
Rescript Stationery

It is reported that India generates 960 million tonnes of waste each year. A lot of this, due to its un-recyclable nature, just sits in landfills awaiting decomposition. New-age homegrown brands are taking it upon themselves to change this. By taking the initiative to reduce waste, these brands are shaping the narrative of why we need to head in a reduced-waste (or ideally, zero waste) direction.

Homegrown brand ‘Rescript Stationery’ is a part of this movement. Having visited several office spaces, founders Ashutosh Ananth and Naren Raj realised the immense amount of paper wastage. In an attempt to create a long-term solution for this, they created Rescript — a sustainable stationery products brand. The products are 100 per cent recycled and made from discarded scrap paper.

With a range that includes notebooks, copier paper, pens, journals, and more, Rescript provides an eco-conscious solution to all basic stationery needs. They do not claim their paper to be white, as this colour indicates the addition of chemicals, which is a process they do not partake in owing to its harmful impact on the environment.

Image Courtesy: Rescript Stationery

A standout aspect of Rescript that we highly appreciate is its cost-effectiveness. Oftentimes, even with a will to make more sustainable choices, the high price of these objects comes in the way. Rescript’s products are reasonably priced, and this is based on their philosophy - “Protecting the planet is our duty, not a fee.” We couldn’t have said it better!

By 2025, they envision saving 30,000 trees and 6,00,00,000 crore litres of water through Rescript. As stationery is something that truly imparts happiness to most of us, it is only fair to create these products in a way that tends to the well-being of the planet. Rescript Stationery gives us sustainable products, but also adds in a happiness quotient that goes beyond just its consumers.

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