Artisanal Indian Soaps Offering Personal Care & Responsible Luxury

Artisanal Indian Soaps Offering Personal Care & Responsible Luxury

Handmade, artisanal and organic soaps are currently having their moment in the skincare community. These soaps, with excellent hydrating qualities, offer a luxurious experience for consumers. In addition to being environmentally friendly and consciously crafted by experts in the industry, the homely indulgence of pure ingredients presented in non-plastic packaging is reminiscent of days when our products were homemade and not slathered in chemicals.

Many ingredients are unique to India and our aesthetic sensibilities, taking inspiration from authentic fragrances, homemade remedies and ayurvedic properties. These soap bars are guided by ancient beauty secrets passed down through generations and hence rely on natural treatments that are both organic and convenient.

In the era of clean beauty practices being accepted and followed around the world, these artisanal soap bars open a passage to products that truly help nourish our skin.

Image Courtesy: Amala Earth

I. Amala Earth

Amala Earth aims to create provide alternate solutions for a sustainable lifestyle as they promote responsible consumption within the skincare industry. The brand offers a range of bath soap bars that are rooted deeply in Indian origins to promote and sustain everything earth-friendly.

One of the organic soaps incorporates multani mitti, an ingredient with magical properties that heals many skincare issues such as acne. They also offer soaps with natural neem that deeply cleanses and acts as an anti-infectant. Some other products include charcoal & lemon soap bars, hemp soap bars and Kashmir lavender ecstasy bars.

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Image Courtesy: Kimirica

II. Kimirica

Kimirica’s new collection, ‘Earth by Five Elements’ helps you indulge every day with their nature-inspired secrets of the earth. A personal care brand that celebrates responsible luxury and thoughtful skincare, their products are expertly blended with vegan ingredients and chemical-free formulations.

Some of the products they offer include earth bathing bars, argan oil-based bathing bars, artisanal lavender mint bars and a special Gulistan set of handcrafted soaps that provide hydration and are enriched with naturally derived extracts. Their gorgeous packaging also makes them an ideal gifting set.

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Image Courtesy: Neev

III. Neev Herbal Handmade Soaps

Neev Herbal Handmade Soaps have a special purpose behind their brand. Started in 2007 as a rural women’s enterprise in Village Hurlung of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. It was registered under the Khadi Village Industries Commission with the vision of providing dignified employment to the women there. All their products are made from vegetable and the purest essential oils with formulations based in Ayurveda. The ingredients are either grown in the house or are sourced from farmers and institutions working with farmers.

One of their soaps includes organic patchouli oil which is a natural deodorant that helps eliminate and mask body odour. Similarly the ‘Divine Sandal Soap’ includes properties that act as antiseptic emollients which help to remove scars as well as maintain the good health of the nerves and bring an overall sense of relaxation.

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Image Courtesy: Juicy Chemistry

IV. Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry, founded back in 2014, has completely transformed the landscape of organic and natural personal care. With an aim to help everyone find the answers to unresolved skin concerns, they believe that the answer lies in nature. Offering a truly efficacious range of 100% organic and natural products sought under ECOCERT’s ( an international organic certification organization) COSMOS certification.

Their handmade monsoon essential soap bars — tea tree, neem and rosemary face and body soap is ideal for humid monsoons thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The gentle cleanse regulates excess sebum and calms acne-prone skin. Additionally the aroma acts as an energy booster. Some of the other gourmet soap options include carrot, rosehip and neroli soap, coffee and oat milk organic soap and other combinations like papaya, apricot and mandarin soap.

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Image Courtesy: Cinnamon Soul

V. Cinnamon Soul

Cinnamon Soul seeks to redefine and bring back the simple luxuries in everyday rituals. From creating unique formulas and beautifully designed packaging, to being environmentally conscious of the ingredients used in their products; the brand celebrates the purity and infinite goodness in the life around us. It’s made with natural botanicals, mineral rich clays, plant based oils, creamy butters and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Some of their bestsellers include the rose soap that will transform your home bathroom into an instant spa. The mild yet dreamy aroma of rose with hints of earthiness will soothe your skin and calm your mind. The brand also offers other options such as Tangerine Delight infused with turmeric and Luxurious Lavender made with organic shea butter.

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