Attend A Science Exhibit That Explores The Human Mind Through Art & Technology

Attend A Science Exhibit That Explores The Human Mind Through Art & Technology
(L) Dr Urvakhsh Mehta ; Stelarc (R)

Among several other functions of the world, the human body is mind-boggling. There is so much yet to be uncovered in nature and the extent of the powers of the human mind may still be blurry. Our brains and how they allow us to think, feel, decide, rationalise, and more remains a collection of complex processes and marvels barely known to the common man.

The Science Gallery Bengaluru in collaboration with the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, The Wellbeing Project, and Museum Dr Guislain (Ghent, Belgium) presents a new exhibition — PSYCHE. The 45-day exhibition (from 1 April 2022 to 15 May 2022) will take a deep dive into the human mind, not in a silo but keeping in mind socio-political and cultural contexts.

A standout feature of the exhibition is that it is not simply an explanation of the sciences by educators and experts in the field, but it is that it involves artists, filmmakers, sociologists, writers, performers, and more. With workshops, masterclasses and public lectures, PSYCHE uses a multidisciplinary approach (including audio-visual, VR, discussions, screenings, etc.) to explore the depths of our minds.

Through the intersection of research, technology, and the arts, PSYCHE explores all there is to be curious about –– our feelings, emotions, fears, and everything the mind is capable of.

PSYCHE is available for free viewing in English starting 1 April, and in Kannada from 8 April. You can register for it here.

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