Making Power Moves: Indian Dancers On Our Radar

Making Power Moves: Indian Dancers On Our Radar
(L) Adithi ; Srilakshmi (R)

Performative arts have been part of India and its culture for centuries. With various parts of India celebrating through dance, performances and its consequential joy has been imperative to us.

New-age India derives this very joy differently –– through newer, fresher styles of dance. Young India forms its own culture in the world of performative arts and dance. With several dancers in the country forming a wave of urban movement, some catch our eye. These dancers are not simply great performers but exude excitement and joy when looked at.

Here are a few of the dancers on Homegrown’s radar.

I. Adithi B

Bengaluru-based Adithi is a powerhouse. As someone who gained popularity from simple rooftop videos of her expressing herself through movement particular to her, she remains in touch with her roots. Constantly open about her progress, Adithi and her work are no less than a journey. Her free and confident style remains one of the aspects that draw you in to her dance, but also one that keeps you looking for more.

Find Adithi here.

II. Tom Rai

With some of the most immaculate moves and footwork we have come across, Tom’s work is entrancing. A freestyler and footmover, he is meticulous in his choreographies and puts in effort for each move to be clean, prominent, and deserved. His videos give off an energetic vibe that is difficult to match, but make for an easy and impressive watch.

Find Tom Rai here.

Image Courtesy: Tom Rai

III. Srilakshmi

Through her undeniable energy and ways to channel it, Srilakshmi remains one of our favourites. Her multi-faceted talents span dance styles, but her charm remains contagious. In her powerful and graceful moves, we find ourselves losing ourselves to the music, too. What is a cumulation of her talent, skill, and knowledge, also masterfully comes across as a celebration of the dance form.

Find Srilakshmi here.

IV. Yahvi Chavan

Yahvi is a Bengaluru-based dancer who combines power and grace wonderfully. Her talent and love for dance seep through her moves and make themselves rather evident to the audience (which we love!). With her ability to keep you drawn throughout any performance of hers, Yahvi is owed appreciation for her sheer bold presence. An embodiment of robust femininity, we cannot wait to see what Yahvi has in store for the future.

Find Yahvi here.

Image Courtesy: Yahvi Chavan

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