Sustainable Homes: This Guwahati Residence Is At One With Nature

Sustainable Homes: This Guwahati Residence Is At One With Nature
Lina Baishya

Oftentimes, we wish to escape to a location that offers us the serenity of nature. We say we need something that provides us with peace and beauty. But, rather than having to arrange an escape, what if it was your own home that offered you the tranquillity you desire?

In Guwahati in Assam, there exists a home, Aangan, that is sustainable, and makes you feel as if you live not within walls, but under the calm of nature. Located in the middle of an industrial area, the 4,128 square feet home manages to give its inhabitants, a family of four, all that they could need to be close to nature.

Architecture firm Sustainable Architecture for Earth ensured the integration of local materials, arts, and techniques into the home; allowing it to be truly sustainable. They used local timber as well as artefacts from various Indian cultures.

Image Courtesy: Lina Baishya

The seamless flow from each part of the house into the next gives it the openness it needs, and the various elements such as the teakwood tabletops in the dining room and the pine-tree bark (sourced from the waste in sawmills) in the living room give it a feel of luxury.

The home features greenery throughout and is surely at one with the environment’s needs. Instead of constructing a home smack in the middle of what could feel like a forest, this Guwahati home succeeds at creating a confluence of structure and nature.

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