This Hyderabad Startup Let’s You Assemble Your Own Sustainable Home In 90 Days

This Hyderabad Startup Let’s You Assemble Your Own Sustainable Home In 90 Days

What if building a home was actually like a lego set? Or maybe like Ikea furniture? With clearly established instruction manuals and point-by-point steps on how to achieve it. Well, look no further cause now this a real possibility owing to two young Hyderabad entrepreneurs — Harshit Puram and Parikshit Linga.

Stumbling upon the idea while pursuing their Masters at the National University at Singapore, the duo realized that construction was among the major contributors to climate change. As many young people grappling with eco-anxiety and wanting to build a more sustainable future, they decided to do something about it.

The result was their venture Okno ModHomes, a startup that enables you to not only live in a sustainable home but also to build it yourself, much like you would with Ikea furniture. Allowing you to build your own homes, leads to having a dual vantage. Since the construction isn’t a traditional cement construction, it can be completed in just 3 months and has the ability to last for almost half a century. Further, since the structure is made from wood it is 80 per cent sustainable. The construction of these homes then is largely eco-friendly and does not lead to any pollution in the construction process.

As of now, Okno ModHomes have been able to set up four such sustainable homes — one in Chikmagalur and three in Hyderabad. To further the cause of eco-consciousness, they also plant four saplings for every tree that is used to build the house.

You can know more about them here.

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