Unwind & Recharge: 5 Indian Mental Wellness Retreats

Unwind & Recharge: 5 Indian Mental Wellness Retreats

Its no secret that during the ongoing pandemic, growing Geopolitical tensions and the endless hours of zoom calls have got us feeling nihilistic and existential. We’ve all lost count of the fleeting hobbies and self-care days spent in fighting the mental fatigue and exhaustion that seems to be a looming sentiment.

Our urban lifestyles tend to bind us to a robotic routine of eat, work sleep, repeat! It’s important to take a step back and give our bodies and minds the much-needed break we deserve. The ‘live fast, die young’ lifestyle of the 21st century is proving to cause more harm than good. On days filled with an impossible flurry of deadlines and a head full of anxiety, I find myself reminiscing upon Wordsworth’s sonnets. “What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.”

This feeling of burning out is a collective sentiment and we come armed with a solution! Whether you’ve been trying to break out of a rut or simply find an escape from the stress of life, a health focused retreat is the perfect answer.

We’ve scoured the country to find the best wellness retreats to help you heal, relax, and engage in a mindful state of being.

I. Soukya

Embark on your quest to find yourself at Soukya, a Bangalore based organic farm that helps you regain a healthy balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

An innovative healing haven, you can discover the magic of integrative treatment approaches that combine traditional, timeless, and effective systems of wellness like ayurveda, homeopathy, yoga and naturopathy, and much more.

Based on your needs and core issues, the retreat recommends individualized treatment schedules and customized medicines prescribed by a team of professionals. If holistic healing is what you’re looking for, we suggest booking a short stay here.

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Image Courtesy: Ananda In The Himalayas

II. Ananda In The Himalayas

Promoting a happy state of mind or swastha is this Himalayan wellness retreat and spar resort. Apart from its ideal location and nurturing ambience, the destination spa offers a stellar range of mental detox and meditation programs that are led by ayurvedic, yogic and global experts dedicated to help you practice a sustainable way of living.

We recommend opting for their emotional healing and stress management programs to restore the vitality of your living experience.

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III. Osho International Meditation Resort

Situated in the heart of a major city like Pune, The Osho Meditation Resort is a world famous wellness retreat that attracts volunteers and followers from all across the globe.

Delve into the Osho philosophy as you learn to combine spirituality into your modern life. Perhaps one of the largest centre for personal growth and meditation, it boasts of high end facilities like a jacuzzi, gym, tennis courts as well as a vibrant nightlife (yes, you heard that right).

Activate your spiritual self by partaking in the routine meditation courses and living programs, attend talks, and interact with volunteers at the one-of-a-kind resort.

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IV. SwaSwara

Connect with the elements of nature as you dial back and immerse yourself in the sanctuary of rest and relaxation that SwaSara is.

Located at the outskirts of Gokarna, Karnataka, the retreat empowers you to adopt ayurvedic principles that de-stress and revitalize your physical and mental state.

The Ayurveda Rejuvenation program is much sought after by those looking to address the health issues caused by modern lifestyles. Make the most of your stay by experiencing the goodness of yoga, ayurveda, meditation, naturopathy as well as holistic cuisine aimed at bettering your sense of self.

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Image Courtesy: Ashiyana Goa

V. Ashiana Goa

Roughly translating to home, Ashiana is a healing sanctuary, that allows you to find retreat in an earthy atmosphere among friends, family, and recreational activities.

Experential courses that tap into natures essence through a focus on self exploration, meditation, and discovering your inner world is what Ashiana stands for. As a small yoga retreat in North Goa, the place is popular among people willing to kickstart a healthy lifestyle and escape the rigours of everyday routine.

This retreat offers a bunch of customisable programmes that include yoga sessions, ayurvedic treatments, and creative activites like workshops, painting and creative writing. Soak in the beauty of Goa and the benefits of a slow yet soothing experience at this retreat.

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