AM To PM — Jezreel Nathan's Guide To Art Galleries In Singapore

AM To PM — Jezreel Nathan's Guide To Art Galleries In Singapore

Embark on a captivating journey through the vibrant art scene of Singapore with Jezreel Nathan's curated guide to art galleries. From morning explorations to evening discoveries, this itinerary promises an enriching experience for art enthusiasts and casual appreciators alike.

9:00 AM - Morning Muse at National Gallery Singapore

Start your day at the iconic National Gallery Singapore, home to an extensive collection of Southeast Asian art. Marvel at masterpieces from the region while enjoying the gallery's breathtaking architecture.

Antony Gormley Sculptures
Antony Gormley SculpturesNational Gallery Singapore

11:00 AM - Hidden Gems at Gillman Barracks

Venture to Gillman Barracks, a contemporary arts cluster tucked amidst greenery. Explore independent galleries showcasing avant-garde works and engage in dialogue with resident artists.


1:00 PM - Culinary Artistry at Artichoke

Enjoy a delectable lunch at Artichoke, an eatery that blends Middle Eastern flavors with a modern twist. The artistic ambiance complements the gallery experience.

3:00 PM - Cultural Insights at The Substation

Immerse yourself in the avant-garde scene at The Substation, Singapore's first independent contemporary arts center. Attend exhibitions, performances, and engage in discussions on the cultural landscape.

Tiong Bahru's Art Studios
Tiong Bahru's Art Studios

5:00 PM - Stroll Through Tiong Bahru's Art Studios

Take a leisurely stroll through Tiong Bahru, discovering hidden art studios and boutiques. The neighborhood is a haven for local artists, offering a more intimate art experience.

7:00 PM - Sunset Art Cruise on the Singapore River

Embark on a sunset cruise along the Singapore River, passing iconic landmarks. Several galleries, like the Asian Civilisations Museum, can be admired from the water.

8:30 PM - Dinner and Art at Odette

Indulge in a Michelin-starred culinary experience at Odette, housed in the National Gallery Singapore. The restaurant's artistic presentation mirrors the creativity found in the adjacent galleries.

The Projector, Singapore
The Projector, Singapore

10:00 PM - Nightcap at The Projector

Conclude your artful day at The Projector, an independent cinema that occasionally hosts art events. Enjoy a nightcap and reflect on the day's visual journey.

Jezreel Nathan's guide seamlessly weaves art appreciation with culinary delights, offering a holistic exploration of Singapore's dynamic art scene. From renowned institutions to hidden gems, this curated itinerary promises an unforgettable day filled with creativity and cultural immersion.