A Homegrown 12-Hour Guide To Singapore
A Homegrown 12-Hour Guide To Singapore(L) Alchemist Instagram ; (R) Homegrown

Botanic Gardens, Artisanal Coffee & More: A Homegrown 12-Hour Guide To Singapore

Singapore is a thriving metropolis that encapsulates the very best of the country’s collective cultural offerings, attractions, and experiences while maintaining an enduring connection to its people’s multifaceted heritage and roots. There’s an incomparable vibrancy and a beautiful alchemy that transforms ordinary experiences, pulls you in, and leaves you wanting more, whether you’re eating a meal, visiting a museum, exploring its lush parks and nature reserves or even just taking a stroll across its picturesque urban landscape.

Imagine sampling the finest craft cocktails at a neighbourhood speakeasy one moment, diving into the depths of Singapore’s art landscape at a gallery the next, and then exploring a lush botanical garden — all in the same day. Every twist and turn can bring you something new and unexpected and there’s invariably an unforgettable adventure around every single corner.

That’s exactly why from the 7th till the 25th of March, we’re bringing you a taste of everything new, exciting and magical that Singapore has to offer via an immersive 3D anamorphic installation at the Phoenix Palladium Mall in Mumbai. Come on down to get a taste of all the unexpected twists and experiences that Singapore has to offer.

If getting a taste of Singapore leads you to go out in search of the real thing, you’ll find there’s no dearth of options. In fact, there’s so much to do in Singapore that it's often tricky to know where to start, especially if you’re pressed for time.

To sort you out, we’ve put together a one-stop Homegrown 12-hour guide to everything you should experience while in Singapore. All of our recommendations represent an intersection of modern luxury and convenience, cultural and subcultural artistry and identity, as well as a keen understanding of how to balance form, function and environmental consciousness within urban spaces. 

9:00 AM


With 8 locations across Singapore, Alchemist’s blends and roasts are the perfect way to start your mornings. They stand out for their commitment to refined simplicity and their unwavering dedication to making quality coffee accessible and approachable to all. They also have a select range of delectable confections that include scrumptious muffins and delectable croissants to help you fuel up for an exciting day of adventure across Singapore.

You can find out more about Alchemist here

11:00 AM

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Nothing personifies Singapore’s reputation as a ‘City in a Garden’ more than the Singapore Botanical Gardens, which was named an official UNESCO World Heritage site in 2015. It’s a veritable paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and even features the world’s largest orchid garden with over 60,000 plant varieties. It’s the perfect place for a leisurely stroll as you take in the botanical diversity that’s on display and revel in the peace of the garden’s natural beauty.

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1:30 PM 


If a hearty meal and a stiff drink are what you crave there’s no better place than LeVeL33, a rooftop bar that’s also the world’s highest microbrewery. If its refined selections of craft beers, vintage wines, artisanal cocktails, and mouth-wateringly delicious food isn't enough, its stunning panoramic views of Singapore’s Marina Bay will keep you coming back for more. 

Find out more here

4:00 PM

Dempsey Hill

While everyone’s heard of Orchard Road and Marina Bay, Dempsey Hill remains an underrated gem for all things food and shopping. Once the site of a British colonial barracks, Dempsey Hill has evolved into an idyllic epicentre of culinary delights, high fashion, and lifestyle experiences that truly allow you to kick back and relish the good life. 

Some of the most popular places to visit here include;

Dover Street Market

From the drippiest of jackets and the rarest of sneaker drops to the latest collections across brands like Stüssy, Supreme and Comme des Garçons, Dover Street Market has everything a hypebeast’s heart could ever desire and even features exclusive collaborations with select global brands. 

Find out more here

REDSEA Gallery

REDSEA is a mecca of contemporary art and is dedicated to exhibiting work by both Asian and International artists and creators. It also features art history talks and art rental services and aims to shine a light on Singapore’s role as a catalyst of global artistic excellence. 

Find out more here

The Dempsey Project

The Dempsey Project is a culinary amalgamation of a restaurant, supper club, cheese room, catering service and gourmet pantry. It’s an experience that’s tailored for those who are passionate about food and the community it serves and features a curated menu of homegrown, hand-selected fare created in collaboration with Singaporean chefs including Jeremy Nguee and Janice Wong.

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Museum Of Ice Cream

With a name that needs little to no introduction, the Museum of Ice cream aims to not only entertain children but also get adults to rediscover their inner child through the oh-so-sweet wonders of ice cream. It’s a space that’s dedicated to the collective history, heritage and flavour profiles of the ubiquitous global desert and features thrill-a-minute playscapes that include a unicorn playground and the world’s largest sprinkle pool. 

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6:30 PM

Gardens by the Bay 

If you’re looking for botanical majesty, open spaces, ecological diversity and lush greenery unlike anything you’ve ever seen, then look no further than Gardens By The Bay. While certainly serene and picturesque during the day, it's when the sun sets the gardens truly come to life and shine their lights on the surrounding city and its people. Its surreal, luminescent Supertrees offer stunning views of the entirety of the space and are a sight to behold.  

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9:00 PM

Violet Oon Singapore

There is nothing that can cap off a whirlwind day in Singapore like a sumptuous meal at Violet Oon, an Asian gourmet restaurant that specialises in Nyonya and Singaporean cuisine. Their dishes aim to represent the diversity of Singapore's culinary traditions across its Nyonya, Chinese, Indian and Malay kitchens; taking the comfort and familiarity of Singaporean favourites and imbibing these dishes with the finest quality of ingredients. 

Find out more here

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