Dance, Eat, & Drink The Night Away With A Homegrown Guide To Nightlife In Singapore

A Homegrown Guide To Singapore Nightlife
A Homegrown Guide To Singapore Nightlife Homegrown

You can tell a lot about a city by looking at its nightlife. Across restaurants, bars, cafes, museums and even heritage walks, the setting sun opens up a world of possibilities that allows you to fundamentally transform everything you experience. It’s at night, when the world sleeps, that you’re able to explore the depths of a city, unencumbered and unbothered by the regular crowds. It’s by dark where you find friendship and camaraderie with your fellow night owls and forge bonds that are fundamentally connected by a mutual yearning for something fresh and new. 

Singapore is no exception to this and it is at night that some of its most compelling experiences truly take on a life of their own.

That’s exactly why from 7th till 25th of March we’re bringing you a taste of everything new, exciting and magical that  Singapore has to offer via an immersive 3D anamorphic installation at the Phoenix Palladium Mall in Mumbai. Come on down to get a taste of all the unexpected twists and experiences that Singapore has to offer.

To help you dip your toes into the city after sunset, here’s a Homegrown guide to Singapore nightlife. 

1. Smoke & Mirrors 

With an incredible array of craft cocktails and absolutely breathtaking views of the Singapore skyline, Smoke & Mirrors is a bar that practically guarantees a night to remember in Singapore. Ranked Among Asia’s 100 Best Bars, they embody excellence in design, mixology and unforgettable moments. 

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2. Panamericana

Panamericana is a Singapore bar and grill that takes cues and inspiration from North, Central, and South American cuisine. The venue is the perfect spot for great food, invigorating cocktails, and a host of events that celebrate music, dance, and the spirit of revelry!

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3. Clarke Quay  

Once a focal point of trade and commerce, Clarke Quay is a riverside quay that’s become the arguable epicentre of Singapore’s nightlife landscape. Whether you’re with your family in search of a wholesome meal, partying the night away on a stag do or even on a romantic date with your significant other, Clarke Quay will have something for you. 

Find out more about Clark Quay here.  

4. MahaCo. Taco Bar

MahaCo. is the world's first ‘dosa-taco bar’ and is a unique confluence of South Indian and Mexican cuisine. Their dosa tacos are well worth the hype and are a culinary microcosm of Singapore’s hybridity. Along with the food, MahaCo. throws some incredible parties that feature brews, cocktails and banging DJ sets and performances. 

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5. Analogue

With an aim to transform eating and dining experiences and pioneer bar culture across Singapore, Analogue is a bar that fundamentally embraces innovation and ingenuity across mixology and the culinary arts. With a 3D-printed bar top, a 100 percent plant-based menu and an overall commitment to sustainability, a night at this bar is nothing short of a peek into the future. 

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6.  Violet Oon

If you’re looking for refinement and elegance in Singapore, then look no further than Violet Oon. Their menu is a gourmet dining experience that takes tried and tested Singaporean and Nyonya recipes and brings them to life using the finest of ingredients. 

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7. Mortar & Pestle

One part club, one part cocktail bar and one part restaurant, Mortar and Pestle offer nightlife enthusiasts a thrilling combination of the very best of Singapore hospitality. With modern takes on classic cocktails, rooftop views and parties that rage into the wee hours of the morning, they do it all and then some. 

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8. Neon Pigeon 

Neon Pigeon takes the idea of a classic Japanese Izakya bar and injects it with a contemporary urban flair. Their specialities include a whole spectrum of alcoholic and zero-proof craft cocktails, bar takeovers, and Japanese fusion nibbles that will soak up everything you drink over the course of a night here. 

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9. Behind The Green Door

Behind The Green Door is your go-to for all things underground across various subgenres of electronic music across house, techno, jungle and more. Every week they feature gigs and performances by both local and global producers and DJs whose only aim is to get you moving, bopping and moshing to their tunes. 

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