Homegrown's Guide To Multi-Generational Travel Experiences Made In Singapore

MacRitchie Reservoir (L) ; River Cruise (Representational Image)
MacRitchie Reservoir (L) ; River Cruise (Representational Image)

For many of us, holidays are a family affair — not only because they bring generations closer together, but also because they offer up an opportunity for rediscovering who we are. There’s something incredibly beautiful about how we can experience the same place differently depending on the phase in life we are at. And, Singapore is one of those places where you can actually experience this, given the myriad multi-generational experiences it has to offer. 

Imagine strolling through the bustling streets of Singapore, the air alive with the aromas of sizzling street food, while children and old folk alike seek out green getaways amidst an uber-urban landscape.

This juxtaposition of experiences across culture, travel and exploration illustrates just how welcoming Singapore is to a variety of different age groups. That’s why we are bringing to you the uniqueness of the vibrant island city through an immersive 3D anamorphic installation. It’s a portal into a contemporary new-age Singapore, with experiences across food, attractions, cultural hotspots and more at the Phoenix Palladium Mall, Mumbai from the 7th of March 2024 onwards. 

Whether you’re the ever-coveting younger sibling of the family or the favourite adventurous aunt, we are here to ensure you are on the lookout for the extraordinary experiences Singapore has to offer. So, read on, to find out more.

A Natural Paradise For The Whole Family 

Worried that the children might cry up a storm amidst all that tranquil serenity? In that case, don’t forget to let them loose and let loose yourself at the Far East Organization Children’s Garden playground located at Gardens by the Bay. From hanging bridges to an obstacle course, Rainforest Tree Houses to a water play area — children aged 12 and below have a plethora of activities to choose from. While the children navigate their way through this sensory-stimulating play experience, you can enjoy a leisurely afternoon on the expansive Picnic Lawns or admire more than 200 indoor art sculptures from around the world.

It is inevitable that you'd need to refuel to keep up with the wondrous affair. Awaiting you at the Gardens is the Jurassic Nest Food Hall, where the entire family can enjoy Michelin-rated cuisine alongside life-sized statues of dinosaurs. Designed as an edu-tainment zone, they hold daily shows to take you through the evolution of flora and fauna through prehistoric times. 

For a moment of serenity, head to MacRitchie Reservoir. Tranquil waters and shaded walking paths provide a peaceful retreat, ideal for family walks or simply escaping the city's energy and reconnecting with yourselves and each other. While old folks can take leisurely strolls along these trails, adults can look forward to tree-top walks that offer majestic views of the lush surroundings. Children can enjoy many of MacRitchie’s watersports including kayaking and canoeing, with special beginner courses for novices.

Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Mr Udhaya Kumar Kalirathinam, is an Indian who works as an Assistant Curator with the Mandai Wildlife Group in Singapore. He oversees a team of 17 keepers who take care of the 11 elephants across the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. He spoke to us about why he believes Singapore is a truly multigenerational travel experience. 

“Singapore offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities, from adventure play zones to wildlife parks, nature reserves, museums and other attractions that are suitable for people of all ages,” he says. “There are also urban spots such as Esplanade and its outdoor theatre with free performances and food options nearby, as well as beaches and water activities. If I had to pick, I would send an entire family to the Mandai Wildlife Reserve for a day. This one destination is home to Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, Bird Paradise and Night Safari, and provides unique experiences for everyone to get up close with wildlife, have fun and also learn with the various presentations and engaging activities.”

“Singapore Zoo’s KidzWorld offers interactive play and animal encounters to spark our next generation’s love for wildlife and nature. Programmes like Zookeeper for a Day allows them to experience the work that goes into animal care and conservation. Ultimately, it is about fostering understanding and appreciation of the different types of wildlife we share the planet with, and starting from young to think about how our actions impact the environment.”

He goes on to add that Singapore’s wildlife parks are both accessible and user-friendly, with complimentary wheelchairs and electric scooters available for rent.

“The park designs incorporate ramps, boardwalks and shelters, and the amphitheatres have designated spots for wheelchair users. Park admission is also inclusive of tram rides which enable guests to conveniently move around.”

Mr Udhaya Kumar Kalirathinam

Mr Udhaya Kumar Kalirathinam, Assistant Curator, Mandai Wildlife Group with elephants Jati (left) and Komali (right) at Singapore Zoo. He oversees a team of 17 keepers who take care of the 11 elephants across Singapore Zoo and Night Safari.
Mr Udhaya Kumar Kalirathinam, Assistant Curator, Mandai Wildlife Group with elephants Jati (left) and Komali (right) at Singapore Zoo. He oversees a team of 17 keepers who take care of the 11 elephants across Singapore Zoo and Night Safari.Mandai Wildlife Group

The Night Is Young

As dusk falls, Singapore of the day undergoes a dramatic transformation.

In what could be considered nothing short of some nocturnal fanfare, is the Creatures of the Night Show at Night Safari Singapore. Staying up beyond bedtime can be a small compromise to make in order to enjoy an intimate yet non-intrusive interaction with the nocturnal wildlife in Singapore. From the dexterous and quick-witted fennec fox to endearing co-stars like the Asian small-clawed otters, allow yourself and your family to be amazed and learn more about Singapore’s diverse wildlife while bonding with each other.

Image has been used for representational purposes
Image has been used for representational purposes

You may also spend an evening with your family on the Nighttime Sightseeing River Cruise. With a customised guided experience, these cruises are both entertaining for adults and educational for children. Glide along the river and admire the city's architectural jewels from a unique perspective, where you can immerse yourself in the synergy of its vibrant colours and sounds.

An Experiential Kaleidoscope Of Art, Culture & Tradition

To experience the complete confluence of cultures, step back in time at Haw Par Villa, where Chinese folklore, mythology, and history come alive. Intricate sculptures and historic architecture offer glimpses into the past, while engaging displays teach lessons of filial piety and good deeds. Wander through di`oramas depicting ancient tales like the Eight Immortals and Journey to the West. Here, allow yourself and your family to experience the joy of traditional asian storytelling.

For an adventurous, immersive learning experience, find your way to the Children’s Museum Singapore. The permanent exhibition, ‘A Voyage Back Through Time’, also houses a hands-on immersive theatre show. ‘Hidden Chambers’ is an  opportunity for a fun family adventure aboard Ahoy, Singapore, which transports you to colonial-era Singapore at The Marketplace. From invasive arts-and-crafts workshops to parent-child dances, the lineup at this museum is ever-evolving, creating a lovely atmosphere to indulge in some intimate family-time

Bringing to you an opportunity to bond over some thrills and spills is HydroDash at The Palawan @ Sentosa. Originally home to a reef, the Palawan Beach is the perfect exotic beach for families seeking out some leisurely time. With its expanse of white sands and clear blue water, the Palawan Beach at Sentosa Island is a swimmer’s paradise. On offer alongside food and cocktails, is HyperDrive - a gamified indoor electric go-karting circuit as well as UltraGolf - a mini golf course which is ideal to fulfil the desires of your adventurous soul. It is a haven for adults and children alike, with the plethora of avenues available to indulge the inner child.

This seamless blend of old and new, tradition and innovation, is what makes Singapore such a captivating destination for families. Whether it's exploring hidden gems in vibrant cultural districts or marvelling at the futuristic architecture, Singapore creates pockets  of spaces for confessions of love, and for healing the unfulfilled desire for togetherness.

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