'Proloy’: Bengal Rap Duo's Scathing Criticism Of 'Achhe din’

'Proloy’: Bengal Rap Duo's Scathing Criticism Of 'Achhe din’

Composed and performed by Bunny and Flame C, ‘Proloy’ is a new music video of a rap song produced by Aayondab, which explores the current socio-political scenario of India through incisive expletives. Through a fast-paced rap Bangla composition, the duo is seen spitting bars about the current climate in our country, which failed to see ‘Achhe Din’ despite recurrent rhetorics about the same from the government.

Proloy’ subverts the illusion of development and the narrative of progressive politics that has been spewed by the government, and reveals actually what is happening in the country right now. The hard-hitting lyrics talk about the increasing poverty, debilitating condition of the economy, and religious fundamentalism as well as the societal conditions in general. It sparks a dialogue about the government’s negligence regarding the citizens of the country who have been pushed into a hellhole of debt, unemployment, misogyny, rape, crime, and every other societal ill that one could imagine.

In times like these when communal hatred is at its zenith, criminals are in power, the world is reeling under a pandemic, and humanity has turned a blind eye to those less fortunate, it is time that we look into ourselves and find out what went wrong.

Only if we take collective responsibility for what is happening around us, can humanity survive beyond the dark days. The song is an accrual of our collective debacle and a cry for a better world where human beings can live peacefully again.

Check out the video below.

Written and performed by: Bunny, Flame C Music

Producer: Aayondab

Cinematographer: Souradip Hazra (Shsquarefilms)

Video Editor: Shsquarefilms (Rik Hazra and Souradip Hazra)

Director: Flame C

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Echo Studios ( Spill Freak and Anxiety)

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