Quarantine Tales: Catch Up With 'Rest', A Music Video Walking You Through The Bliss Of Solitude

Quarantine Tales: Catch Up With 'Rest', A Music Video Walking You Through The Bliss Of Solitude

We have never felt quite so alone. The quarantine has brought in the onset of multifaceted emotions, both good and bad, but chiefly those that we had conveniently evaded for a long time. It’s as if we had been running on a treadmill, which suddenly stopped, leaving us in a lurch and with nowhere to put a step back on to. Minutes roll into hours, days into weeks and months, without much to look forward to. But as we go about this journey, we need to eventually take it in our stride and find ways to unwind ourselves from the confines of our home. One of the best things we can do for ourselves right now is to find a way to flourish in isolation because we are probably not going to get such time for ourselves again ever.

Rest, a song penned and sung by Andrew Sabu, emphasises the importance of spending time with oneself and taking the time to reflect. It wants to send a message to people and tell them that it’s okay to take a step back and rest. It is okay to lie low, unwind and do what is required for one’s mental peace. ‘The point is to be able to give the listener time and space to themselves. It’s important to turn away from their demanding lives and put themselves into a space where they are able to introspect and heal.’ says Sabu. The video has been shot by Gorkey Patwal.

The video portrays the daily routine of the protagonist who is the caretaker of a house. In doing so, it illustrates the importance of living a slow, balanced life instead of a fast-paced, overwhelming one.

You can watch the video below.

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