This Adorable Doggy Dating Video Will Make You Want To Adopt A Foster Pet Immediately

This Adorable Doggy Dating Video Will Make You Want To Adopt A Foster Pet Immediately

If you’re an animal lover, you’ve undoubtedly been acquainted with Facebook group and NGO World For All, which rescues and cares for abandoned animals before giving them up for adoption. They average 60 successful adoptions a month, half of which are direct, while the other half are via foster families. 90 percent of the adoptions are Indian breeds while the remaining 10 percent are pure breeds.

“Most people only want young and fit animals. People often forget even older and disabled animals need homes. We’re currently putting together a team that will focus solely on adult and disabled animals,” said World For All’s Founder and CEO Ruchi Nadkarni.

The welfare organisation has always thought outside the box in order to draw attention to its mission and its charges. Which brings us to this delightful little video down below called Doggy Dating Tapes (ft. Cat).

The YouTube video features three adorable animals in need of homes: two dogs named Rum and Oggy, and a rather sullen looking cat named Whiskey that’s contemplating world domination.


While we’ve all seen a few dating videos online, this is the first time we’ve come across a pet adoption video using the same format. And we have to say—we’re smitten. The clip on each animal opens with them posing on a chair—Rum with his cute little bow tie, Whiskey with his devil-may-care attitude, and Oggy in a t-shit with the sleeves chopped off.

Nisha Vasudevan, who conceptualised and directed the feature, helps WORLD FOR ALL by actively fostering whenever she can. This is what led her to develop the idea for Doggy Dating Tapes. “The folks over at WFA are always posting adoption appeals for adult animals, and about how difficult it is for them to get adopted. So I thought it would help to do some videos with the adult animals, especially after the one they did for Shakes the cat that helped her find a home. Since the ones in this video are grown up, I thought it might be fun to do videos resembling dating tapes: ‘I’m just a dog, standing in front of a camera, asking you to love me’.”

With her idea in mind, Vasudevan approached Arushi Kaushal and Vikalp Chhabra of Bullet on Wheels and asked if they’d like to be a part of it. Once they agreed, Vasudevan also roped in Nuzha Ebrahim and Mohini Mukherjee who took care of scripting, while Rusha Bose shot the film and Zain Ebrahim and Shezan did the voiceovers. “It was a DIY effort really, everyone just got their skills and their big arm spans for hugging the animals along and we were pretty much set,” said Vasudevan.

However, working with animals (and untrained ones at that) isn’t always easy—in fact, Oggy peed on the photo paper and they had to slyly dry it off under the fan. “We had all these elaborate shots planned but they would not sit still. We were really scared we’d have only three usable shots. We even called them all separately so they wouldn’t meet one another and freak out,” said Vasudevan. “But, it was ridiculously fun. I think everyone had a lot of fun with the babies. Everyone was just baby-talking the whole day and laughing and playing and snuggling with them all. I don’t remember saying a single word in my non-baby voice all day.”

Watch the video below and help spread the word so that WORLD FOR ALL can find homes, not only for these three beauties, but for the rest of their animals too. It’s important that people realise that adopting doesn’t only mean giving a puppy or a kitten a home—there are plenty of adult dogs and cats in desperate need of love and a roof over their head so if you have the space in your heart, and in your home, you know exactly where to go to save a life or two.

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