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Inside A Homegrown Thrift Store Inspired By The Disco Culture Of The 70s & 80s

Gulbahaar Kaur

While the concept of thrift stores has really grown into popularity over the last few years, there are very few sellers who are truly feeding their cultural relevance. In a pool of pre-loved clothing stores, a new age shop, Disco>ery Culture, is giving the idea of thrifting a new twist. Inspired by the disco scene of the 70’s and 80’s, they have tapped into the zeitgeist by providing pieces from a unique subculture/niche. 

Gen Z often gravitates towards aesthetics and many struggle to find relevant pieces in mainstream fast fashion stores. It is in this way that Disco>ery Culture is feeding into the style sensibilities of a community that hopes to breakaway from trends. Their curation is heavily inspired from the street style of the era and maintains gender fluid silhouettes. There are many variations within the disco subculture and so the store presents a number of unique trends from the era that can help one form a fully functional wardrobe. 

Music has always been an integral part of their journey, acting as a major influence in the culture they are trying to build. The group often collaborates with artists in the industry to explore the unique connections between history of music and fashion. The vibrant music scene helped broaden their community in diverse ways and continues to help foster creativity. The thrift store is presenting a new model of fashion, where conscious consumption and creative synergy is valued overall. Reframing our approach towards fad based clothing and instead promoting an aesthetic driven brand where quality and individuality drive choices. 

Explore the unique store here.

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