Attend A Two-Day Festival Championing Sustainability & Conscious living With Homegrown Brands

Roma Narshinghani, B Label
Roma Narshinghani, B LabelConscious Culture Festival

Conscious Culture Festival is a unique initiative, envisioned to champion Sustainable prosperity by shaping a culture that provides a new positive vision for the future. Organised by Vidyun Singh and Roma Narsinghani of the Future Collective, Reliance Brands and Jio World Drive, It is curated to inspire and influence change in the community by providing an interface for trade, art, networking, collaborations and learning opportunities in a sustainable lifestyle space. Here's what you can expect at the festival:

ceramics - Environment I, statement jewellery
ceramics - Environment I, statement jewelleryVinita Mungi, No Name Makings

Art & Fashion Installations

The festival will feature thought-provoking artistic works that underline the enormity of needless waste, generated by mindless consumption by artists such as Bandana Jain, Vinita Mungi, Sarika Bajaj, Pooja Bhansali, Darshan Manjare and How are you feeling studio to name a few. There will also be homegrown brands making a conscious effort to reduce fashion’s negative social, economic and environmental impact like Button Masala, Kasha, Pozruh, No Name Makings, Little Shilpa, Pella and Aradhita among others.

Nate08, Madboy and Mink
Nate08, Madboy and MinkWild City, Radio & Music

Conscious Sound

Allowing the audience to have a truly immersive experience with sonic frequencies that help enjoy music as well as spoken word performances by enabling everyone to feel more ‘connected with the source’ and ‘at ease', artists like Ankur Tiwari, Nate08 Band, Madboy and Mink, Your Chin, Bombay Jembe and Noni Mouse will be performing at the festival.

Summer House, Bodements
Summer House, BodementsSummer House, Bodements

Conscious Market

The festival will host Brands, across categories of apparel, jewelry, accessories, home, lifestyle, beauty, skincare, pets & kids, that use raw materials and processes having a positive impact on the environment like Chola, Bodements, Pause, Summer House, Urvashi Kaur, Studio Mettulergy, etc. It will also house an Artisan Bazaar by Aradhana Nagpal of Dhoop with 6-8 artisan communities from across India. From banana fibre in the south, to kauna grass and sisal fibre from the north east and special natural holi colours and paints made with natural colours from the Himalayas, the bazaar will feature almost 15 natural fibres from different parts of the country. You can also swap your clothes at the festival with curated options with Bombay Closet Cleanse.

Aseem collection, up-cycled and reversible Raika Jacket
Aseem collection, up-cycled and reversible Raika JacketKa-Sha


You can learn and adopt conscious lifestyle techniques in everyday life with Green Phoenix teaching you ways to highlight the commonly used toxins in commercial products and spotlight the alternatives and why they are better along with DIY natural recipes, upcycling techniques, plant care recommendations and solutions. Fashion label Ka-Sha will demonstrate the art of repurposing, reusing and upcycling fabric via embroidery techniques of different kinds, garment accents such as tassels and hand-sewing ways of patchwork.

Conscious Food and Beverages 

Presenting culinary confections by contemporary chefs with a conscious vision, Conscious Culture Festival is bringing back the wholesome goodness and nutritional benefits of farm to fork as well as artisanal goodies and bakery items free of chemicals and preservatives as well as microbrewery, eclectic cocktails and bar brews.

The festival aims at inspiring people to build conscious habits by delivering experiences that demand mindful action & exposing them to the best conscious homegrown brands. It's a space for seekers and enthusiasts of sustainability to change their life in a wholesome way through the culture-shifting transformative experience of this festival.

Conscious Culture Festival 2023 is taking place on March 4 and 5 at the Jio World Drive in Mumbai and is free of charge. Find more information about it here.

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