Homegrown Music Releases On Our Radar In February

Udd Chala, JULIET
Udd Chala, JULIETTaba Chake, Vijay Bharadwaj & MANTRA ft. Warren Mendonsa

We're back with our February roundup of the latest music releases from homegrown artists across genres like indie, metal, dubstep and alternative rock. Check out the list below.

Udd Chala - Taba Chake

Taba Chake is a prominent multi-lingual independent artist from Arunachal Pradesh, India. His ability to write and compose songs that instil a sense of hope, positivity and being wanderlust in his listeners have led him to amass a sizable following. He composes music in English, Hindi, Nyishi and Assamese. His latest track is a nostalgic ode to the school life of 90s kids.

Arcadestep - Hautewulf

Delhi-based DJ-Producer Mohan Kumar aka Hautewulf has been active in the independent music scene for well over ten years, having played for metal outfits like Pyramid and Alien Sky Cult. However, it was a hiatus from playing metal that sparked the beginnings of his new solo venture. He aims to explore the themes of futurism, modern/cyberpunk lifestyles, machine rights, human androids, time travel, singularity, and uploaded consciousness through his music and his latest track is dedicated to gamers.

Rok Lo - Aarlon ft. Gaurav Basnet

Aarlon is an Indian alternative rock/metalcore band based in New Delhi that incorporates a variety of sounds to their palette which ranges from ethereal guitars to punchy rhythms to soaring vocal textures. Steady experimentation, refinement, and overcoming challenges over the past six years fuels the creative power Aarlon demonstrates today. They recently release a music video for their track Rok Lo from the album, 'Dafan', that you can watch below.

JULIET - Vijay Bharadwaj & MANTRA ft. Warren Mendonsa

Juliet is a modern day adaptation song based on the famous tragedy by Shakespeare. This animated music video shows the emotions two star-crossed lovers go through, and their story from the beginning to the very end. The song was intricately produced and designed to sonically resemble Pink Floyd.